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Fort McPherson (S), NT Hudson's Bay Company post, 1840
Fort Pelly (S), SK Remains of Hudson's Bay Company fur trade post
Fort Pitt (S), SK Site of Hudson's Bay Company post, signing of Treaty No. 6
Fort Qu'Appelle (S), SK Hudson's Bay Company fort, negotiation of Treaty No. 4
Fort Reliance (S), NT Oldest continuously operating Hudson's Bay Company post, 1833
Fort Resolution (S), NT Main post on Great Slave Lake, 1821
Fort Simpson (S), NT North West Company (1804) and Hudson's Bay Company (1822) posts
Fort St. James (S), BC 1806 fur trade post founded by Simon Fraser
Fort St. John (S), BC Site of North West Company posts, 1806-23
Fort St. Joseph (S), ON British military outpost on western frontier, 1796-1812; War of 1812
Fort St. Peters (S), NS French trading post and fort, 1650-1758
Fort St. Pierre (S), ON Site of French post on Rainy Lake, 1731-58
Fort Témiscamingue (S), QC Remains of French fur trading post
Fort Vermilion (S), AB Site of North West Company and Hudson's Bay Company posts
Fort Victoria (S), BC Site of 1843 Hudson's Bay Company post
Fort Whoop-Up (S), AB Whisky post, led to formation of North-West Mounted Police
Fort William (S), ON Site of North West Company post, 1803
Forts Rouge, Garry and Gibraltar (E), MB Fort Rouge La Vérendrye, 1728; Fort Gibraltar North West Company, 1810; Fort Garry Hudson's Bay Company, 1822
Frobisher, Benjamin (P) Fur trader, partner in the North West Company (1780)
Frobisher, Joseph (P) Fur trader, merchant, partner in the North West Company (1780)
Frobisher, Thomas (P) Fur trader, founded first post at Île-à-la-Crosse (1776) on Churchill River
Fur Trade (E), QC An important industry during most of Canada's history
Gaboury, Marie-Anne (P), MB Grandmother of Louis Riel, wife of Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière
Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch (P), QC Entrepreneur, railway promoter and politician, Father of Confederation
Grain Growers'Grain Company (E), MB Formed in 1905, cooperative marketing agency for Prairie farmers
Guy, John (P), NF Merchant venturer, governor of first English colony in Newfoundland
Halifax Waterfront Buildings (S), NS Commercial grouping reflecting 19th-century development of Halifax
Henday, Anthony (P), AB Fur trader, explorer of the Canadian West, journey of 1754-55
Henry House (S), AB Site of North West Company post, 1811-30s
Henry, Alexander (The Elder) (P) Fur trader, one of the first English traders in the North-west
Henry, Alexander (The Younger) (P), AB Fur trader in the North West Company (1791-1814)
Holton, Luther Hamilton (P), QC Montréal businessman and banker, Minister of Finance (1862-64)
Hull,William Roper (P), AB Cattleman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, land developer
Île-à-la-Crosse (S), SK Fur trade site, Hudson's Bay Company
Inverarden House (S), ON Important 1816 regency cottage with fur trade associations
Jasper House (S), AB Archaeological remains of 1829 fur trade post
Kelsey, Henry (P), MB Explorer, fur trader, journey to the Canadian Plains (1690-92)
Kootenae House (S), BC Site of North West Company post, 1807-12
La Vérendrye, Pierre Gaultier, Sieur de (P), MB Explorer and fur trader, established posts west of Lake Superior
Lagimodière, Jean-Baptiste (P), MB Prominent early member of St. Boniface community; grandfather of Louis Riel
Légaré, Jean-Louis (P), SK Trader and pioneer settler in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan (1880)
Lower Fort Garry (S), MB Major centre in 19th-century fur trade
Macauley, Thomas Bassett (P), QC Played a fundamental role in the creation of the modern life insurance industry in Canada
Macdonell House (S), ON 1817 stone Palladian residence of prominent fur trader; Williamson House
McLoughlin, Dr. John (P), QC Chief factor in the Hudson's Bay Company (1821-46), known as "father of Oregon"
McMaster,William (P), ON Businessman, philanthropist, established Canadian Bank of Commerce (1867)
Molson,William (P), QC Brewer, banker, steamship builder, lumberman, railway builder
Moose Factory Buildings (S), ON 1673, second Hudson's Bay Company post in Canada
Murray Premises (S), NF Mid 19th-century commercial waterfront structures

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