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Apothecaries' Hall (S), PE Site of prominent 19th-century pharmacy
Athabasca Pass (S), AB Major fur trade transportation route
Aubert de La Chesnaye, Charles (P), QC Leading businessman in fur trade, commerce, real estate, shipping
Bank of Montréal (S), QC Queen Anne Revival style in sandstone, built in 1894
Bank of Upper Canada Building (S), ON Home of important 19th-century bank
Beaulieu II, François (P) Founding father of North-West Territories Métis, pre-eminent Métis leader
Belcourt, Reverend Georges-Antoine (P), PE Roman Catholic missionary at Red River (1831-58), founded Farmer's Bank of Rustico, Prince Edward Island
Bennett, Charles Fox (P), NF Noted Newfoundland entrepreneur and political leader
Birkbeck Building (S), ON Edwardian Baroque financial institution
Caisse Populaire (Mouvement Desjardins) (E), QC Cooperative banks began in Lévis, Quebec in 1901
Chase,William Henry (P), NS Businessman and philanthropist, supported Nova Scotia universities
Collins, Enos (P), NS Privateer and entrepreneur, important role in development of Halifax
Cox, George (P), ON Financier, senator (1896), philanthropist, leading Toronto businessman
Cumberland House (S), SK 1774 Hudson's Bay Company post established by Samuel Hearne
Cunard, Sir Samuel (P), NS Founded a commercial empire of shipping, banking, lumber, land and coal
Cuvillier, Augustin (P), QC Speaker of the Assembly of Lower Canada (1841-44), founded Bank of Montréal
David Thompson on the Columbia River (E), BC Role in establishing inland trading posts built between 1807 and 1812
Desjardins, Alphonse (P), QC Founder of the Caisse Populaire Movement in Quebec
Eaton, Timothy (P), ON Famous department store established 1869, began mail order in 1884
Ermatinger House (S), ON Early northwest Ontario stone fur trade residence, 1814-23
Exchange District (S), MB Centre of the grain and wholesale trade, finance and manufacturing, 1880-1900 and 1900-13
Farmers' Bank of Rustico (S), PE One of first cooperative banks in Canada, 1864
Fidler, Peter (P), SK Hudson's Bay Company trader on the Saskatchewan and Churchill rivers
First Export of Coal (E), NB Coal was shipped from Grand Lake to Boston before 1650
Former Bank of British North America (S), NF Fine example of Italianate style, circa 1850
Former Union Bank Building/Annex (S), MB First skyscraper in western Canada, speaks to key note of finance in expansion of the West, 1903-04
Fort à la Corne (S), SK Site of several fur trade posts, 1753-1932
Fort Alexandria (S), BC Site of North West Company post, 1821-1860s
Fort Assiniboine (S), AB Site of 1823 Hudson's Bay Company post
Fort Augustus and Fort Edmonton (S), AB Site of rival trading posts, 1795-1801
Fort Carlton (S), SK Site of Hudson's Bay Company post, 1795-1885
Fort Charnisay (S), NB Site of French fort, 1645
Fort Chipewyan (S), AB Site of major trading posts, 1800-present
Fort Churchill (S), MB Built by Samuel Hearne in 1783, reached by rail in 1929
Fort Dauphin (S), MB One of La Vérendrye's posts, built in 1741
Fort Douglas (S), MB Site of 1812 headquarters of Red River Settlement
Fort Dunvegan (S), AB Site of 1805 North West Company post
Fort Edmonton III (S), AB Site of 1831 Hudson's Bay Company post
Fort Espérance (S), SK Remains of two North West Company fur trade posts
Fort Hope (S), BC Site of Hudson's Bay Company post, 1848-60
Fort Kamloops (S), BC Site of North West Company and Hudson's Bay Company posts
Fort La Reine (S), MB Most important of La Vérendrye's western posts
Fort La Tour (S), NB Site of French fort, 1631
Fort Langley (S), BC Early 19th-century Hudson's Bay Company post
Fort Maurepas (S), MB Established by La Vérendrye, 1739-49
Fort McLeod (S), BC Site of North West Company post, built in 1805

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