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Davie Shipyard (S), QC Historic Canadian shipyard, established in 1829
Dawson Historical Complex (S),YT Important collection of buildings from the Klondike Gold Rush
Discovery and Development of the McIntosh Apple (E), ON Ideally suited for Canada's northern climate, has become accepted world wide
Discovery Claim (Claim 37903) (S),YT Site of discovery of gold in 1896, marks the beginning of the development of Yukon Territory
Display Building II (S), MB Sole survivor of buildings constructed for Dominion Exhibition, held annually, 1879-1912
Dredge No.4 (S),YT Symbolizes importance of dredging operations (1899-1966) to the evolution of gold mining in the Klondike
Dunsmuir, Robert (P),BC Discovered coal near Nanaimo (1869), began commercial empire
Eddy, Ezra Butler (P), QC Manufacturer of matches, wood products and pulp and paper
Electrical Development Company Generating Station and Powerhouse (S), ON Important early power project in elegant Beaux-Arts building
Exploitation of the Nova Scotia Coal Fields (E), NS Important industry leading to the transformation of the Maritime economy of the late 19th and 20th centuries
First Butter Factory in Canada (E), QC Established in 1873, followed by dairy schools to develop the industry
First Cheese Factory (E), ON Cooperative factory system, 1864, beginning of modern dairy industry
First Dairy School in Canada (S), QC Founded in 1882 by Edward André Barnard
First Oil Well in Western Canada (S), AB First commercially productive oil well in West
First Oil Wells in Canada (S), ON Start of one of Canada's key industries, 1858
First Paper Mill in Canada/Argenteuil Paper Mill (E), QC Argenteuil paper manufactory established in 1805
Fishing Industry on the East Coast (E), NF Most important industry in development of Atlantic provinces
Fishing Industry on the West Coast (E), BC Commercial fishing began in the 1830s, salted salmon for the Hudson's Bay Company
Fleur De Lys Soapstone Quarries (S), NF Resource extraction by Dorset Culture
Forbes Textile Mill (S), ON Woolen mill industrial complex, built in 1863
Forest Industry in British Columbia (E), BC First export sawmill in British Columbia, built in 1860
Forest Industry in New Brunswick (E), NB Timber for shipbuilding, pulp and paper in the 20th century
Forest Industry in the Ottawa Valley (E), ON White pine for British Navy in Napoleonic Wars, square timber, pulp
Forestry Farm Park and Zoo (S), SK Important federal contribution to prairie forestation
Forges du Saint-Maurice (S), QC Remains of Canada's first industrial village
Fraser, Archibald (P), NB Lumber industry magnate, pioneer in pulp and paper manufacture in New Brunswick
French Shore (E), NF Fishing and occupancy disputed between French and English, 1713-1904
Frobisher Site (S), NU Martin Frobisher habitation and iron smelting, 1576-78
Galt Irrigation Canal (S), AB First major irrigation project in Canada
General Mining Association (E), NS Major coal producer in British North America, 1827-65
Gillies Grove and House (S), ON Old-growth white pine forest and country house
Gold Room at Bear Creek (S),YT Part of large gold-refining complex, 1905-16
Gooderham and Worts Distillery (S), ON Significant mid 19th-century industrial complex
Gouinlock Buildings/Early Exhibition Buildings (S), ON Largest extant group of early 20th-century exhibition buildings
Grande-Grave (S), QC 19th-century buildings represent inshore East Coast fishing
Grassy Island (S), NS Centre of English fishery in 18th century
Great Lakes Fisheries (E), ON Important 19th-century industry
Gulf of Georgia Cannery (S), BC Outstanding West Coast fish processing complex
Halifax Dockyard (S), NS Oldest dockyard in North America still in use, 1758
Heintzman, Theodore August (P), ON Founder of prominent piano manufacturing firm
Hendry, John (P), BC Lumber magnate, formed British Columbia mills
Herschel Island (E),YT Canadian sovereignty in the Western Arctic; inter-cultural contact at Herschel Island; whaling industry in Western Arctic
Hull Timber Slide (E), ON Major technological innovation
Hull,William Roper (P), AB Cattleman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, land developer
Hydro-electric Power Development in Canada (E) Major source of energy for industrial and domestic use

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