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Algonquin Provincial Park (S), ON Canada's first provincial park, established in 1893
Blackfoot Crossing (S), AB Traditional meeting place on Blackfoot Reserve
Cave and Basin (S), AB Hot springs, birthplace of national parks
First Banding of a Bird (E), ON First banding of a wild bird, led to increased knowledge of migrations
Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) (P), SK Writer, conservationist, popular lecturer
Grizzly Bear Mountain and Scented Grass Hills (S), NT Expression of cultural values through the interrelationship between landscape, oral histories, graves and cultural resources
Harkin, James Bernard (P), AB Commissioner of the Dominion Parks Branch (1911-36), instituted the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
Lachine Rapids (E),QC Obstacle led to economic and industrial development of Montréal
Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary (S), SK First wildfowl sanctuary in North America, 1887
Nagwichoonjik (The Mackenzie River) (S), NT Flows through Gwichya Gwich'in traditional homeland and continues to be culturally, socially and spiritually significant
Pointe Abitibi (S), QC Traditional summering area and sacred place for the Algonquin
Preservation of the Plains Bison (E), AB Last large herd bought in 1906, distributed throughout national parks
Slave River Rapids (E), NT Only obstacle to navigation from Lake Athabasca to the Arctic Ocean
Stanley Park (S), BC Outstanding large urban park
Walled Landscape of Grates Cove (S), NF Pasturage and gardens defined by stone walls reflecting communal system of land use typical of Newfoundland
Wheeler, Arthur Oliver (P), AB Important topographical surveyor, supporter of National Park Movement, co-founder of Alpine Club
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial, Quebec - Quarantine Station for Immigrants 1832-1937
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial, Quebec
Quarantine Station for Immigrants 1832-1937

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