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Ebierbing and Tookoolito (P), NT Inuit couple from Baffin Island, assisted Arctic expeditions; contributed much to our knowledge of the North
Erebus and Terror (S), NU Ships of Franklin's last expedition, 1845
Exploration of the Fraser River (E), BC Explorations by Alexander Mackenzie, Simon Fraser and John Stuart
Exploration of the Strait of Juan De Fuca (E), BC British, American and Spanish explorations, beginning in 1787
Explorations of Sir Alexander Mackenzie (E), BC Discovered Mackenzie River (1789), reached Pacific overland (1793)
Fidler, Peter (P), SK Hudson's Bay Company trader on the Saskatchewan and Churchill rivers
Fort Fork (S), AB Starting point of Mackenzie's route to Pacific, 1793
Foxe, Luke (P), ON Arctic explorer, discovered Foxe Basin, wrote North-West Fox (1635)
Franklin, Sir John (P), NU Explorer, charted Arctic coast (1819-22 and 1825-27), lost in 1845
French Shore (E), NF Fishing and occupancy disputed between French and English, 1713-1904
Frobisher, Sir Martin (P), NT Arctic explorer, led three expeditions (1576-78), first charting of Eastern Arctic
Gaboury, Marie-Anne (P), MB Grandmother of Louis Riel, wife of Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière
Grand-Pré (S), NS Commemorates Acadian settlement and expulsion
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial (S), QC Quarantine station for immigrants, 1832-1937
Hearne, Samuel (P), MB Explorer, discovered Coppermine River (1771), Governor at Prince of Wales Fort
Henday, Anthony (P), AB Fur trader, explorer of the Canadian West, journey of 1754-55
Howse Pass (S), AB First crossed by David Thompson in 1807
Hudson, Henry (P), QC Arctic explorer, discovered Hudson Bay, James Bay
Île-aux-Coudres (E), QC Named by Jacques Cartier who celebrated mass here in 1535
Immigration of Home Children (E), ON Reflection of attitudes toward childhood, critical role child labour played in pre-welfare state, influenced social policy
Immigration to Canada (E) Commemorates the multicultural origins of Canadians
Ipirvik and Taqulittuq (P), NT Inuit couple from Baffin Island, assisted Arctic expeditions in 1860s and 1870s
Jolliet, Louis (P), QC With Marquette, explored the Mississippi River (1673)

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