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Arctic Exploration and Inuit Culture (E) Contact between explorers and Inuit
Arrival of Jacques Cartier at Gaspé (E), QC Commemorates 1534 landing in what is now Canada
Arvia'juaq and Qikiqtaarjuk (S), NU Inuit summer occupation sites with rich history and surviving in situ resource
Back, Sir George (P), NT Artist and Arctic explorer; Franklin's 1819-22 and 1824-27 expeditions
Baffin,William (P), NT Arctic explorer, mapped Hudson Strait and Davis Strait (1615-16)
Bartlett, Captain Robert Abram (P), NF Arctic explorer, Peary Expedition (1908-09), Arctic voyages (1913-18, 1926-45)
Beaubears Island (S), NB Acadian refugee settlement, 1756-59
Beechey Island Sites (S), NU Related to 19th-century Arctic exploration
Belcher, Sir Edward (P), NS Canadian-born naval officer and surveyor, led 1852-54 Franklin search
Bering-Yukon Refugium (E), YT Migration route between Siberia and America
Black Loyalist Experience (E), NS Commemorates Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Brulé, Étienne (P), ON Coureur de bois, interpreter, lived among the Iroquois and Hurons
Button, Sir Thomas (P), MB Arctic explorer, 1612 expedition discovered Nelson River
Cabot's Landfall in the New World (E), NF Landing on 24 June 1497, beginning of British Empire overseas
Coming of the Mohawks (E), ON Mohawks loyal to the Crown left New York state in 1777, settled in Quinte area
Cook, Captain James (P), NF Surveyed coast of Newfoundland (1763-67), Gulf of St. Lawrence and Nova Scotia (1758-62)
Cormack,William Epps (P), NF First recorded overland crossing of Newfoundland, 1822
Corossol (S), QC 17th-century Vaisseau du Roi wreck
Davis, John (P), NT Arctic explorer, three Northwest Passage expeditions (1585-87)
De La Corne, Louis François (P), SK Established "Fort-à-la-Corne"in Saskatchewan (1753)
de la Salle, Robert Cavalier (P), QC Founded Lachine (1667), rebuilt Fort Frontenac (1675), explored west of Great Lakes
Discovery of Prince Edward Island (E), PE Jacques Cartier landed in Prince Edward Island in 1534
Discovery of the Coppermine River (E), NU Samuel Hearne and Matonabbee (1771), overland from Prince of Wales Fort
Discovery of the Mackenzie River (E), NT River discovered in 1789 by Alexander Mackenzie, followed it to the Arctic Ocean
Dispersal of Huron-Wendat from Huronia (E), QC Dispersal circa 1650 and their ultimate settlement in Old Wendake in 1697
Dispersal of the Acadians (E), NS Acadians deported in 1755 by British decree
Dochet Island (E), USA Colony of Sainte-Croix established by Champlain and de Monts in 1604

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