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Appendix 1 - Peopling the Land
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Beothuk Site (S), NF Major archaeological site for Beothuk history
Bering-Yukon Refugium (E), YT Migration route between Siberia and America
British Block,Cairn and Suffield Tipi Rings (S), AB Aboriginal site on CFB Suffield
Brockinton Indian Sites (S), MB Late pre-contact site, Blackduck phase
Cummins Pre-contact Site (S), ON Extensive late Palaeo-Indian stone quarry
Donaldson Site (S), ON Aboriginal site,500 BC - 300 AD
Earthlodge Village (S), AB Remains of Aboriginal village
Gray Burial Site (S), SK One of the oldest burial sites in the Plains, circa 3000 BC
Igloolik Island Archaeological Sites (S), NU Archaeological sequence, 2000 BC - 1000 AD
Indian Point (S), NF Well-documented Beothuk site
Kittigazuit Archaeological Sites (S), NT Beluga hunting, Kittegaryumiut and Mackenzie Delta
L'Anse Amour Burial (S), NF Burial site, Maritime Archaic culture
Linear Mounds (S), MB Aboriginal burial mounds from 1000 - 1200 AD
Maritime Archaic Cemeteries /Phillips Garden Dorset (E), NF Three cemeteries representing the Maritime Archaic culture
Marpole Midden (S), BC Site of midden, excavated in 1892
Middleport Site (S), ON Archaeological site, Middle Ontario Iroquois
Minister's Island Pre-contact Sites (S), NB Pre-contact shell midden, 500 BC - 1500 AD
Okak (S), NF Archaelogical site occupied by several cultures
Oxbow Sites (S), NB Well-preserved, 3,000-year old archaeological record
Parkhill Site (S), ON Palaeo-Indian habitation site, circa 8000 BC
Pic River Site (S), ON Complex of pre-contact Woodland culture sites
Port au Choix (S), NF Pre-contact burial and habitation sites
Port Refuge (S), NT Pre-contact occupations, trade with Norse colonies
Sea Horse Gully Remains (S), MB Large Dorset and pre-Dorset site
Serpent Mounds Complex (S), ON Aboriginal peninsula site, 60 BC - 300 AD
Shield Archaic Culture (E) Aboriginal culture circa 5000 - 1000 BC, small-game hunting and fishing
Southwold Earthworks (S), ON Site of Attiwandaronk Indian village, circa 1500 AD
Thule Migration (E) Ancestors of modern Inuit spread from Alaska, circa 1000 - 1300 AD
Weir's (Taylor's) Beach Earthworks Site (S), BC Pre-contact site on Vancouver Island

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