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Acacia Grove/Prescott House, Nova Scotia - Palladian Home of Horticulturist C.R. Prescott Structures are more than stone and wood - they carry and express the values and beliefs of those who built and used them. They have this in common with works of nature and landscapes altered subtly through human use, which hold the stories and embody the cultural values of people. Some of these landscapes incorporate petroglyph or pictograph sites that reveal the artistic efforts of the land's occupants and their need to record traditional knowledge in order to transmit it to future generations. Across Canada, there are more sites that have not yet been commemorated which embody the cultural values of First Nations.

Intangible legacies are just as important to commemorate, even though the sites that carry such stories may be less visible. Literature, music and the arts have long been recognized through the system of National Historic Sites of Canada. Now, attention is turning to the commemoration of scientists and their work. Considerable recent effort in the history of medical science needs to be matched by efforts to draw attention to Canada's legacy in other fields, including the biological and earth sciences.
Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia - Important Mi'kmaq Cultural Landscape
Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia
Important Mi'kmaq Cultural Landscape

National Historic Sites Of Canada System Plan

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