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The Letter T he revised thematic framework can be used as an analytical tool to assess the extent to which various themes and sub-themes are represented in the system of National Historic Sites of Canada. Assessment of the system in relation to the thematic framework assists in the identification of gaps, which are then subject to further review.
 Figure 3 - The System of National Historic Sites of Canada, 1919-1999
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In undertaking this assessment, the commemorative intent, or reasons for national historic significance, are aligned against the thematic framework. If there is more than one reason for national historic significance, the site, person or event would be aligned against as many themes or sub-themes as appropriate.

Another way the thematic framework can be used as a planning tool is to help Parks Canada view the commemorations in the system through different 'lenses' or perspectives. In this way, Parks Canada can assess the extent to which the diversity of the Canadian population is reflected in the system.

National Historic Sites Of Canada System Plan

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