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Communications and Transportation

Canoe Routes of Canada - Transcontinental Routes of Exploration and Trade The size and diversity of Canada's geography make it important to recognize achievements in the fields of communications and transportation. In the early years, the transcontinental Canoe Routes of Canada were used by both Aboriginal peoples and Europeans for transportation, exploration and trade. Other commemorations include the Halifax Gazette in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the first newspaper in British North America; Inuksuk, an Inuit complex of stone landmarks in Enukso Point, Nunavut; and C.H. "Punch" Dickins, a pioneer of bush flying in Canada's North.
Inuksuk, Nunavut First Airplane Flying in Canada - Flight of the Silver Dart in 1909 C.H. 'Punch' Dickins - Bush Pilot in North
Inuksuk, Nunavut
Inuit Complex of 100 Stone Landscapes
First Airplane Flying in Canada
Flight of the Silver Dart in 1909
C.H. 'Punch' Dickins
Bush Pilot in North

On-to-Ottawa Trek
Failure of Canada's Depression-Era
Relief Projects for Single Men

Technology and Engineering

Québec Bridge, Québec - The Longest Clear-Span Cantilever Bridge in the World This sub-theme addresses Canada's transformation through the development and application of technological and engineering achievements, including works created for transportation, communication, technological and engineering developments, public works and bio-engineering. Examples include the Québec Bridge, Lt.-Col.John By, the military engineer responsible for the Rideau Canal in Ontario and the Trans-Atlantic Wireless, the first trans-Atlantic wireless message to England in 1902, transmitted from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.


This sub-theme looks at the role of wage labour and unpaid work, including labour performed in the home, in the expansion of the Canadian economy. Commemorations include the Port Union Historic District in Newfoundland, a town constructed and run by a union; the Winnipeg General Strike, a 1919 strike that led to the strengthening of the labour movement in Canada; and the On-to-Ottawa Trek during the Great Depression, an attempt to bring federal recognition to the plight of the unemployed.

   Lt Col. John By - Military Engineer - Built Rideau Canal
Lt Col. John By
Military Engeneer
- Built Rideau Canal

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