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Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin (S), AB Early stone alpine cabin used by climbers
Acquin, Gabe (P), NB Important Maliseet guide, hunter and cultural broker
Banff Springs Hotel (S), AB Famous railway resort hotel in Château style
Beers, George (P), QC Founder of modern lacrosse, established first Canadian dentistry journal
Capitol Theatre (S), MB Ornate 1920s movie palace
Capitol Theatre/Québec Auditorium (S), QC Dramatic 1902-03 Beaux-Arts playhouse with elaborate interior
Cave and Basin (S), AB Hot springs, birthplace of national parks
Château Frontenac (S), QC Landmark Château-style railway hotel
Château Laurier (S), ON Château-style railway hotel, 1908-12
Conacher, Lionel Pretoria "Big Train" (P), ON Male Athlete of the Half-century (1900-50): 1921 Grey Cup, National Hockey League (1925-37)
Cyr, Louis (P), QC Champion wrestler and weightlifter of the late 19th century
Edmonton Grads (E), AB Championship women's basketball team, 1915-40
Eglinton Theatre (S), ON Fine Art-Deco suburban cinema
Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres (S), ON Unique 1911 double-decker vaudeville and movie complex
Empress Hotel (S), BC Landmark Château-style railway hotel, 1904-08
Granada Theatre (S), QC Magnificent atmospheric theatre, style of cinema popular from the 1920s through the 1930s
Hanlan, Edward (P), ON World rowing champion (1880-84), defeated only six times in 350 matches
Imperial/Bi-Capitol Theatre (S), NB Grand playhouse/vaudeville theatre, 1912-23
Jasper Park Information Centre (S), AB Picturesque fieldstone park building of rustic design, 1913-14
Langford, Sam (P), NS Professional boxer, fought 1902-23
Longboat, Tom (P), ON Famous long-distance runner, won the 1907 Boston Marathon
McKenzie, Robert Tait (P), ON Surgeon, educator and sculptor, pioneer in physical education, rehabilitation
Metropolitan Theatre (S), MB First movie "palace" in Canada, built in 1919
Montréal Forum (S), QC Icon for the role of hockey in Canada's national culture through its association with the Montréal Canadiens
Morenz, Howie (P), QC Montréal Canadiens hockey star, helped the team win three Stanley Cups
Naismith, James (P), ON Physician, inventor of basketball, promoter of physical education
Orpheum Theatre (S), BC Ornate 1920s movie palace
Outremont Theatre (S), QC 1920s deluxe cinema, Art-Deco/atmospheric decor
Palace Theatre (S), AB Designed by internationally renowned theatre architect Howard C. Crane
Pantages Playhouse Theatre (S), MB Lavish 1913-14 vaudeville theatre
Prince of Wales Hotel (S), AB Symbol of mountain tourism, chalet-style hotel
Rialto Theatre (S), QC Exceptional Beaux-Arts style traditional theatre
Riding Mountain Park East Gate Registration Complex (S), MB Three rustic buildings built under depression relief programs
Rosenfeld, Fanny "Bobbie"(P), ON Female Athlete of the Half-century (1900-50)
Royal Alexandra Theatre (S), ON Lavish 1906-07 Beaux-Arts playhouse
Royal Montréal Curling Club (E), QC First organized curling club in North America, 1807
Royal Theatre (S), BC Classically inspired vaudeville theatre
Skoki Ski Lodge (S), AB 1930s ski lodge in rustic vernacular, 1930-31
Slocum, Captain Joshua (P), NS Sea captain and author, first to sail singlehandedly around the world (1895-98)
St. John's Regatta (E), NF Canada's oldest organized sporting event, held since 1826
Stanley Park (S), BC Outstanding large urban park
Twin Falls Tea House (S), BC Early rustic tea house in Yoho National Park
Vogue Theatre (S), BC Moderne style theatre

Appendix 5 - Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life

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