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Saint John City Market (S), NB Rare example of 19th-century market building still in use
Saint John County Court House (S), NB Early symbol of British colonial justice
Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church (S), BC Impressive 1884 Gothic Revival mission church
Saint-André-de-Kamouraska Church (S), QC Récollet plan church with significant interior, 1805-11
Saint-Hyacinthe Post Office (S), QC Early symbol of federal government presence
Saint-Joachim Church (S), QC Baroque Vernacular design in its purest form, with paintings by well-known artists in the interior
Ste-Anne Processional Chapel (S), QC Remarkably intact Neoclassical chapel, one of the oldest processional chapels in Quebec
Sandyford Place (S), ON Typical mid 19th-century middle-class row housing, 1856
Saskatoon Railway Station (Canadian Pacific) (S), SK Château-style station, begun in 1907
Seal Cove Smoked Herring Stands (S), NB Herring stands and related structures in environment evocative of late 19th-century Atlantic herring fishery
Sewell House (S),QC Palladian residence of Chief Justice J. Sewell, 1803-04; part of an historically significant streetscape
Sharon Temple (S), ON Elegant 1825-32 temple of Davidite sect
Sinclair Inn/Farmer's Hotel (S), NS Inn circa 1781; early construction techniques
Sir Frederick Borden Residence (S), NS Shingle-style residence of prominent Canadian politician, 1902
Sir George Étienne Cartier (S), QC 1830s double house of prominent 19th-century politician
Skoki Ski Lodge (S), AB 1930s ski lodge in Rustic Vernacular, 1930-31
Smiths Falls Railway Station (Canadian Northern) (S), ON Decorative 1914 Canadian northern railway station
St. Andrew's Rectory (S), MB Example of mid 19th-century Red River architecture
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral (S), BC Excellent example of High Victorian Gothic
St. Andrews Historic District (S), NB Distinctive town with surviving 18th-century British colonial plan and classically inspired architecture
St. Ann's Academy (S),BC 19th-century private girls' school
St. Anne's Chapel of Ease (S), NB Early and excellent example of Gothic Revival chapel
St. Boniface City Hall (S), MB Imposing building by Victor Horwood, built in 1905
St. Dunstan's Roman Catholic Cathedral/Basilica (S), PE Fine example of High Victorian Gothic,1897-1907
St. George's Anglican Church (S), QC Fine 1869-70 Gothic Revival church in stone
St. George's Anglican Church/Round Church (S), NS Unique Palladian-style round church
St. James United Church (S), QC Church with a large amphitheatre plan,Victorian decoration; Sunday school influenced by the Akron plan
St. James-the-Less Anglican Church (S), ON Significant example of Gothic Revival, 1860-61
St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral (S), NF Outstanding 1847 Gothic Revival by G.G. Scott
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Basilica (S), NF Romanesque basilica, symbol of Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland, 1841
St. John's Anglican Church (S), NS Historically significant Carpenter Gothic church
St. John's Anglican Church/Stone Church (S), NB One of earliest Gothic Revival churches in Canada, 1824-25
St. John's Court House (S), NF Sandstone Romanesque urban court house, 1900-04
St. Jude's Anglican Church (S), ON Important arts and crafts, decorative painted interior
St. Lawrence Hall (S), ON Mid 19th-century Renaissance Revival social and cultural centre
St. Luke's Anglican Church (S), NB Fine Vernacular Wren-Gibbsian church, 1831-33
St. Mary's Basilica (S), NS Central role in the religious history of Nova Scotia
St. Mary's Junction Railway Station (Grand Trunk) (S), ON 1850s Grand Trunk railway station, 1854-56
St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church (S), MB Typical and oldest Ukrainian church, 1899
St. Patrick's Basilica (S), QC French Gothic Revival, 1843-47; remains at heart of Irish population of Montréal
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church (S), AB Fine example of Gothic Revival design
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church (S), NF Major 1860s Gothic Revival church
St. Paul's Anglican Church (S), NS Early Palladian church serving official Halifax
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church/Former St. Andrew's Church (S), ON Elegant 1854 Gothic Revival church
St. Paul's United Church (S), NB Fine 1886 High Victorian Gothic Revival church
St. Stephen Post Office (S), NB Early symbol of federal government presence
St. Stephen's Anglican Church (S), QC Fine classically inspired 1820s garrison church
St. Thomas City Hall (S), ON Late-Victorian civic building
St. Thomas Rectory/Commissariat House and Garden (S), NF Military stores and residence, 1818
Stratford City Hall (S), ON Picturesque late 19th-century civic building, 1898-1900
Sulpician Seminary Gardens (S), QC One of Canada's oldest surviving gardens, circa 1650
Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (S), AB Monumental modern temple in historic Mormon centre
Territorial Court House (S), AB Oldest court house in Alberta, completed in 1904
Têtu House (S), QC Elegant 1852 Neoclassical town house by Charles Baillargé
The Grange (S), ON Early 19th-century residence in British classical tradition
Thomas,William (P), NS Leading architect in pre-Confederation Canada
Thunder Bay Tourist Pagoda (S), ON Whimsical 1909 information kiosk
Trafalgar Lodge (S), QC Gothic Revival villa, 1848
Trestler House (S), QC Traditional Quebec architecture, dating from 1798
Trinity Anglican Church (S), NS Regional expression of Gothic Revival in wood, 1878
Trinity Church and Rectory (S), NB Oldest Anglican church and rectory in New Brunswick, 1787-89
Truro Post Office (S), NS Early symbol of federal government
Tryon United Church (S), PE Fine example of High Victorian Gothic Revival, 1881
Twin Falls Tea House (S), BC Early rustic tea house in Yoho National Park
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception (S), MB One of the most ambitious and accomplished buildings by Reverend Philip Ruh
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection (S), MB Mature and culminating expression of Ukrainian identity of the Dauphin Block settlement, built in 1936-39
Union Station (Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk) (S), ON Monumental Beaux-Arts railway station, 1915-20
Union Station/Winnipeg Railway Station (Canadian National) (S), MB Beaux-Arts railway station, important in western settlement
University College (S), ON Impressive Romanesque building, foundation of University of Toronto, 1856-59
Ursuline Monastery (S), QC Historic religious complex featuring 1730s altar
Van Horne/Shaughnessy House (S), QC Urbane Second-Empire double house, erected in 1874
Victoria City Hall (S), BC Earliest extant western town hall, Second-Empire style
Victoria Hall (S), ON Commercial building with rare, handmade sheet metal facade
Victoria Hall/Cobourg Town Hall (S), ON Ornate mid 19th-century multi-purpose town hall
Victoria Hall/Petrolia Town Hall (S), ON Opulent town hall of prosperous oil era, 1887-89
Victoria Memorial Museum (S), ON Early national museum in Castellated Gothic design, 1905-11
Vogue Theatre (S), BC Moderne style theatre
Walker Theatre (S), MB 1906 playhouse, site of labour and Women's Movement meetings,1914
Wasyl Negrych Pioneer Homestead (S), MB Believed to be earliest and best-preserved example of Ukrainian pioneer farm
Wetaskiwin Court House (S), AB Classic symbol of justice in the developing West
Wilson Chambers (S), QC Gothic Revival commercial building in stone, 1868
Windsor Station (Canadian Pacific) (S), QC Grand 1886 Romanesque Revival railway station/office complex
Winnipeg Law Courts (S), MB Monumental 1912-16 symbol of law and order
Winnipeg Railway Station (Canadian Pacific) (S), MB Classically inspired railway station, gateway to West
Winterholme (S), NF Mansion in Queen Anne Revival style, 1905
Wolfe Island Township Hall (S), ON Italianate rural town hall, 1856
York County Court House (S), NB Early brick court house

Appendix 5 - Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life

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