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Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church (S), QC 1865 mission church to the Hurons with 17th-century art objects
Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church (S), QC Stone church established in 1688 on site of Champlain's habitation
Old Government House/St. Charles Scholasticate (S), SK Seat of territorial government, 1878
Palmer, Daniel David (P), ON Creator and popularizer of the practice of chiropractic medicine
Partridge Island Quarantine Station (S), NB Established in 1830 to prevent spread of smallpox
Pavillon Mailloux (S), QC Nurses' residences were central to the nursing culture
Pictou Academy (S), NS Site of first Pictou Academy, 1818-1932
Pope, Georgina Fane (P), PE Canada's first nursing matron (1908), Army Medical Corps
Québec Seminary (S), QC Oldest boys' school in Canada, founded in 1663
Queen's University (E), ON Earliest degree-granting liberal arts college established in the United Province of Canada, 1842
Rundle's Mission (S),AB Site of Methodist mission, agriculture and education
Ryerson, Reverend Adolphus Egerton (P), ON Methodist minister, established basis for school system in Ontario
Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church (S), BC Impressive 1884 Gothic Revival mission church
Saint-Vallier, Monseigneur, de (P), QC Second bishop of Québec, founded "L'Hôpital général"(1688)
Schurman, Jacob Gould (P), PE Educator, philosopher, president of Cornell University (1892-1921)
Sharon Temple (S), ON Elegant 1825-32 temple of Davidite sect
Southcott, Mary Meager (P), NF Leader in professionalization of nursing in Newfoundland, introduced the Nightingale system
St. Andrew's Anglican Church (S), MB Oldest stone church in western Canada, begun in 1845
St. Ann's Academy (S), BC 19th-century private girls' school
St. Boniface Hospital Nurses' Residence (S), MB Nurses' residences were central to the nursing culture
Stowe, Dr. Emily (P), ON First female practising doctor in Canada, organizer of women's medical college and suffrage leader
Strachan, Right Reverend John (P), ON First Anglican bishop of Toronto, founder of King's College (1827)
Tory, Henry Marshall (P), NS First president of the University of Alberta (1908-28), National Research Council president (1923-35)
Trout, Dr. Jenny (P), ON First female licensed doctor in Canada, supporter of women's medical education
University College (S), ON Impressive Romanesque building, foundation of University of Toronto, 1856-59
University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa (E), ON Oldest, largest and arguably the most successful bilingual educational institution in Canada, founded in 1848
Verrier, Louis Guillaume (P), QC Founded the first law school in Canada (1733)
Veteran's Charter (E), ON Provided re-establisment benefits to ex-service men and women, expanded educational system, movement to reintegrate the disabled
Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) (E), ON Major national organization that provides health services to poor and isolated Canadians
Wellington County House of Industry and Refuge (S), ON Oldest known state-supported poorhouse, precursor of 20th-century state welfare programs
Women's College Hospital (S), ON Major hospital and research centre, significant to the progress of women in medical education and practice
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) (E), NB Supported an enlarged role for women in employment, higher education and public service

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