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Aberdeen, Lady (P), ON Founded National Council of Women, established Victorian Order of Nurses (VON)
Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead (S), ON Childhood home of activist and organizer Adelaide Hunter Hoodless
Ann Baillie Building (S), ON Nurses' residences were central to the nursing culture
Annesley Hall (S), ON University building in Queen Anne Revival style, 1902-03
Arts Building (S), NB Oldest extant university building in Canada, 1826-27
Begbie Hall (S), BC Nurses' residences were central to the nursing culture
Bethune Memorial House (S), ON Birthplace of Doctor Norman Bethune; of symbolic significance to the Chinese
Brothers of the Christian Schools (E), QC Teaching order, began commercial and agricultural schools in 1840s
Chase,William Henry (P), NS Businessman and philanthropist, supported Nova Scotia universities
Clinch, Reverend John (P), NF Medical and missionary pioneer, introduced Jenner vaccine for smallpox
Craigflower Schoolhouse (S), BC Oldest surviving school building in western Canada, built in 1854-55
Dalhousie Law School (E), NS First school of common law in the British Empire, 1883
Dawson, Sir John William (P), NS First president of the Royal Society of Canada, principal of McGill University (1855-93)
Dorval, Onésime (P) Teacher at the Red River settlement (1877-80) and Battleford (1880-96)
Ewart, John Skirving (P), MB Lawyer, publicist in Manitoba schools dispute (1890-96)
Falconer, Sir Robert (P), PE President of the University of Toronto (1907-32)
First Canadian Hospital (S), QC Site of Augustine Order hospital
Former Ottawa Teachers' College (S), ON 1875 teacher training institute in eclectic design
Frontier College (E) Provided social welfare and education to isolated resource-based workers
Grant, George Monro (P), NS Educator and writer, principal of Queen's University (1877-1902)
Grenfell, Sir Wilfred (P), NF Minister and physician, improved living conditions in Newfoundland and Labrador
Grey Nuns' Hospital (S), QC Hospital rebuilt in 1765 by Mère d'Youville
Haskell Free Library and Opera House (S), QC 1901-04 library/theatre on Canada-United States border
Heritage Hall-Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (S), AB Early technical college in Collegiate Gothic style
Hershey Pavilion (S), QC Nurses' residences were central to the nursing culture
Hoodless, Adelaide Hunter (P), ON Active in founding institutes of household science, womens' institutes
Jesuit Fathers (E), QC Missionaries and educators in Canada since 1625
Judge, Father William, S.J. (P),YT Missionary in Dawson during Klondike Gold Rush (1897-98)
King's College (S), NS Site of Anglican college, 1789-1923
Kingston General Hospital (S), ON Oldest public hospital in operation in Canada
Ladies'Seminary (S), NS Example of the nature of and setting for the earliest phase of higher education of women, 1878
Laval University (E), QC Established by royal charter in 1852
Lockhart, Grace Annie (P), NB Pioneer of women's university education
Loyola House/National School Building (S), QC Earliest Gothic Revival public building in Canada, 1824
Lunenburg Academy (S), NS Rare survivor from Nova Scotia's 19th-century academy system
Macdonald, Major Margaret C. (P), NS Matron-in-Chief of the Canadian Nursing Service during World War I
MacMurchy, Dr. Helen (P), ON Leading advocate of public health reforms in Canada during the late 19th and 20th centuries
Mance, Jeanne (P), QC Founder of L'Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, Canada's first lay nurse, renowned for her care under extreme conditions
McCulloch, Reverend Thomas (P), NS Founder of the Pictou Academy (1816-38), first principal of Dalhousie College
McNaughton,Violet Clara (P), SK Organized the Women Grain Growers; instigated publicly funded medical care programs
Meilleur, Dr. Jean-Baptiste (P), QC Founded L'Assomption College (1834), first Superintendent for Education (1842-55)
Miss Davis' School Residence/Twin Oaks (S), MB Girls' school, mid 1850s Red River architecture
Montizambert, Dr. Frédérick (P), QC Developed quarantine stations that protected Canadians from deadly epidemics

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