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The Letter O Sir Wilfrid Laurier - Prime Minister (1896-1911) ne of the federal government's key objectives is to ensure that the system of National Historic Sites of Canada reflects the country's evolving history and heritage. When it was established, early in the twentieth century, the system reflected the contemporary preoccupation with "great men and events" credited with establishing the nation. Mid century saw a shift of that focus to political and economic history. As we enter the new millennium, an emphasis on social history has underscored the achievements and experiences of everyday Canadians.
Sir Martin Frobisher - Arctic ExplorerGulf of Georgia Cannery, British Columbia - West Coast Fishing ComplexSamuel Hearne - Discovered Coppermine River

  • To foster knowledge and appreciation of Canada's past through a national program of historical commemoration

  • To ensure the commemorative integrity of national historic sites administered by Parks Canada by protecting and presenting them for the benefit, education and enjoyment of future generations in a manner that respects the irreplaceable legacy represented by these places and their associated resources

  • To encourage and support the protection and presentation by others of places of national historic significance that are not administered by Parks Canada
National Historic Sites Policy, 1994
Lady Aberdeen - Founded National Council of Women Marguerite Bourgeoys - Founder of

James Woodworth - Leader of Cooperative Commonwealth Federation The system of National Historic Sites of Canada cannot be considered either finite or complete. The federal government is working with others to create a more representative system one that truly reflects the rich history and heritage that defines Canada.

Completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway - Last Spike Driven in 1885 Canadians and the Normandy Landing - Successful Capture of Juno Beach by Canadians
Heritage is not a catalogue of what is dead and gone, but the texture of daily life and the constant creation of a rich and valuable future.

Jeremy Morgan,
Chair, Interim Heritage Council,
Ministry of Municipal Affairs,
Culture and Housing,
Province of Saskatchewan, 1999

Grey Nuns Hospital, Québec - Hospital Rebuilt 1765 by Mére d'Youville
Grey Nuns Hospital, Québec
Hospital Rebuilt 1765 by Mére d'Youville

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National Historic Sites Of Canada System Plan

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