National Historic Sites in Alberta

Commemorating Canada’s History in Alberta

Parks Canada is responsible for Canada’s program of historical commemoration, which recognizes nationally significant places, persons and events. All such designations are made by the Minister of the Environment on the advice of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Below is a list of all the commemorations within the Province of Alberta.


Aberhart, William, Calgary, Alberta

Albright, William Donald, Beaver Lodge, Alberta

Bennett, Rt. Hon. Richard Bedford, Calgary, Alberta

Brick, Reverend John Gough, Peace River, Alberta

Burns, Patrick, Calgary, Alberta

Cross, Alfred Ernest, Nanton, Alberta

Dickins, C. H. ‘Punch’, No plaque in place, recommended location – Fort McMurray, Alberta

Edwards, Henrietta Muir, Fort Macleod, Alberta

Gibbon, John Murray, Banff National Parkof Canada, Alberta

Harkin, James Bernard, Banff National Park of Canada, Alberta

Henday, Anthony, Innisfail, Alberta

Henry, Alexander (The Younger), Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Hull, William Roper, Calgary, Alberta

Isapo-Muxika (Crowfoot), Gleichen, Alberta

Kane, Paul, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Lacombe, Albert, O. M. I., Brosseau, Alberta

Lawrence, Sheridan, Peace River, Alberta

Magrath, Charles Alexander, Lethbridge, Alberta

May, Wilfrid Reid ‘Wop’, Edmonton, Alberta

McDougall, Reverend George Millward, Fort Victoria, Alberta

McKinney, Louise, Claresholm, Alberta

Murphy, Emily Ferguson ‘Janey Canuck’, Edmonton, Alberta

Noble, Charles Sherwood, No plaque in place,recommended location – Nobleford, Alberta

Oliver, Frank, Edmonton, Alberta

Parlby, Mary Irene, Alix, Alberta

Peacemakers, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Pearce, William, Calgary, Alberta

Red Crow, Standoff, Alberta

Rowand, John, Edmonton, Alberta

Stephansson, Stephan G., Markerville, Alberta

Thompson, David, Jasper National Park of Canada , Alberta

Tomison, William, Elk Point, Alberta

Wheeler, Arthur Oliver, Jasper National Park of Canada , Alberta

Wood, Henry Wise, Calgary, Alberta

National Historic Sites in Alberta