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National Historic Sites in Alberta
Cave and Basin National Historic Site of Canada

Original Cave
Original Cave
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Natural thermal springs were brought to international attention in 1885 and led to the establishment of Banff National Park. Today, this site commemorates and celebrates the birthplace of Canada’s national park system. Explore the original cave, tour the interactive displays or watch a film that recreates the experience of early bathers in the majestic Bathing Pavilion. Head outside for a stroll and see what natural wonders and other historic treasures the outdoor boardwalks reveal. See an endangered species, the Banff Springs Snail, in its natural habitat. A must-see attraction that will complete your visit to Banff National Park.

The site is open year-round and is located on the west end of Cave Avenue in Banff, Alberta.

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Services: interpretive tours available, parking available, wheelchair available, school programs available, hiking, picnic facilities, meeting facilities, food services available in summer.