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National Historic Sites in Alberta
Banff Park Museum National Historic Site of Canada

Banff Park Museum
Banff Park Museum
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This magnificent building is the oldest and grandest natural history museum in Western Canada. Built in 1903, it is the home of more than 5,000 natural history specimens with exhibits and displays that reflect the museum’s original Edwardian grandeur. This turn-of-the-century taxidermy collection continues to thrill visitors to Banff National Park curious about the mammals, birds, insects and fish found in the Canadian Rockies.

Guaranteed bear sightings, a hands on discovery room, and knowledgeable Parks Canada staff on site make this an excellent destination for visitors of all ages.

The site is open year-round and is located on Banff Avenue in Banff, Alberta. For more information, please contact: 403-762-1558 or check out our website at

Toilets, Accessible

Services: interpretive tours available, hiking, picnic facilities, parking available, school programs available.