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World Heritage: Canada

Periodic Report on the Application of the World Heritage Convention



December 2004


II.4 Management

Management Regime

4a) How can the ownership/management of the property best be described? (select all that apply)

#   Management under protective legislation
#   Management under contractual agreement(s) between State Party and a third party
#   Management under traditional protective measures
#   Other

Please describe

4b) Please indicate under which level of authority the property is managed:
#   Local
#   State/provincial/territorial
#   National
#   Other

Please describe

4c) Please describe the legal status of the property. For example, is it a national, provincial or territorial park? A national or provincial historic site?

4d) Please provide the full name, address and phone/fax/e-mail of the agency(ies) directly responsible for the management of the property:

4e) Please provide a list of key laws and regulations, which govern the protection, and management of the cultural and natural resources of the property.

4f) Please describe the administrative and management arrangements that are in place for the property concerned, making special mention of the institutions and organizations that have management authority over the property as well as of the arrangements that are in place for any necessary coordination of their actions. Make special reference, if appropriate, to the role of First Nations in managing the property:

4g) Please also note whether there have been any significant changes in the ownership, legal status, contractual or traditional protective measures or management regime for the World Heritage Site since the time of inscription.

4h) Is there a management plan for the property?
#Yes      # No

4h1) If YES, please summarize the plan, indicating if the plan is being implemented and since when, and the URL where the plan can be located, if available. (A copy of the plan should be submitted in December 2004. See Section 8)

4h2) If NO, is a management plan under preparation or is preparation of such a plan foreseen for the future?

Financial Resources

4i) What is the annual operating budget for the property in the current fiscal year? (for sites consisting of more than one property provide the budgets of constituent parts)

Staffing Levels (Human Resources)

4j) Please provide information about the number of staff working at the World Heritage Site (enter figures)
Full Time

Part Time



Please list the job categories of these staff (eg Park Superintendent, Historian, Ecologist, Interpreter, General Works/Maintenance Manager) and describe the specialized skills and expertise of the World Heritage Site’s staff members.

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Sources of expertise and training in conservation and management techniques

4k) Please describe any sources of specialized expertise, training, and services that come from sources off-site. (e.g., training centers, museum conservation facilities)


4l) Are there any visitor statistics for the site?
#Yes      # No

4l1) If YES, please provide the annual visitation for the most recent year it is available, indicating what year that is, a brief summary of the methodology for counting visitors, and briefly describe the trends in visitation (In describing these trends, please use the year of inscription as a baseline).

4m) Please briefly describe the visitor facilities at the property.

4n) Is there tourism / visitor management plan for the property?
#Yes      # No

4n1) If YES, please briefly summarize the plan, and provide a URL where the plan can be located.

Scientific Studies

4o) Please list key scientific studies and research programmes that have been conducted concerning the site. (Please use the year of inscription as a baseline)

4o1) Please describe how the results of these studies and research programmes have been used in managing the World Heritage Site.

4o2) What role, if any, has the property's designation as a World Heritage Site played in the design of these scientific studies and research programmes? For example, has there been a specific effort in these programmes to focus on the recognized World Heritage values of the property?

Education, Information and Awareness Building

4p) Is there a plaque at the property indicating that it is a designated World Heritage Site?
#Yes      # No

4q) Is the World Heritage Convention logo used on all of the publications for the property?
#Yes      # No

4r) Are there educational programs concerning the property's World Heritage values aimed at schools?
#Yes      # No

4r1) If YES, please briefly describe these programs.

4s) Are there special events and exhibitions concerning the property's World Heritage values?
#Yes      # No

4s1) If YES, please briefly describe them.

Education, Information and Awareness Building
4t) Please briefly describe the facilities, visitor center, site museum, trails, guides and/or information material that are available to visitors to the World Heritage Site.

4u) What role, if any, has the property's designation as a World Heritage Site played with respect to the education, information and awareness building activities described above? For example, has the World Heritage designation been used as a marketing or promotional or educational tool?