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Sustainable Development Strategy 2007 - 2009

Communicating and Reporting on Progress to our Stakeholders

Minister’s Round Table on Parks Canada

The Parks Canada Agency Act requires that the Minister overseeing Parks Canada convene, at least every two years, a round table of persons interested in matters for which the Agency is responsible, and which will advise the Minister on the performance of the Agency.

The Minister’s Round Table on Parks Canada brings together a wide range of people who are passionate about Canada’s national heritage places. The last Minister’s Round Table took place in February 2005, and another will be scheduled in 2007. For more information please visit: .

In 2005, the insights and deliberations on the subjects of visitor experience and the building of a culture of conservation in Canada lead to15 thoughtful recommendations that will help guide the Agency’s future actions.

The Agency produces, immediately prior to the Minister’s Round Table, a State of the Protected Areas Report (SOPHA). The SOPHA is the primary document used by the Agency to report to its immediate stakeholders. The SOPHA is also tabled in Parliament, as required by the Parks Canada Agency Act.

Management Planning

The Parks Canada Agency Act requires that current management plans be in place for each national historic site, national park and national marine conservation area, outlining how goals will be achieved. Public consultation is an essential element of the creation and implementation of these plans.

Management plans must be reviewed on a five-year cycle.

Each protected heritage area produces a State of the Park Report to stakeholders that informs the management planning process.

Departmental Performance Report

The Agency reports to Parliament and to Canadians via its Departmental Performance Report (DPR), which provides a yearly overview of the Agency’s accomplishments. The fairness and reliability of the reporting data and information in the DPR are assessed annually by the Auditor General, although it is not the role of the Auditor General of Canada to assess or comment on the Agency’s actual performance.

Performance Measurement

The Parks Canada Strategic Planning Framework presents, amongst other things, the Agency’s planned results and performance expectations. The performance expectations have been developed in cooperation with the Auditor General of Canada and the Results Based Management Division of the Treasury Board Secretariat. The DPR is the vehicle for reporting on accomplishments of the Agency to Parliament and Canadians.