Sharing Responsibility for Safety


Understanding the Risks...

Visitors may be unaware of the specific hazards related to park landscapes and activities. Park staff try to prevent incidents and encourage self-reliance through policy implementation and visitor services.

Preventing incidents through policy implementation involves:

  • providing and updating a public safety policy framework and planning mechanism;
  • assessing risks, and implementing risk management measures;
  • developing and regularly updating public safety plans;
  • incorporating visitor safety into program planning, communications, and delivery.

Services provided by Parks Canada to encourage self-reliance and risk awareness include:

  • Public Service Announcements and other awareness campaigns which encourage visitors to plan their trip before they leave home;
  • public safety messages on the Parks Canada website;
  • information and advice on trip planning, hazards and risks, either directly (through Visitor Information Centres) or through our partners;
  • materials such as brochures, posters, and videos related to visitor safety, hazards, risk, and self-reliance;
  • environmental advisories, such as avalanche forecasts;
  • highway avalanche control;
  • hazard warning signs, fencing, and barriers;
  • safety registration services.