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Research Permitting Overview for Parks Canada

General Information

Aulavik National Park, Ivvavik National Park, Tuktut Nogait National Park and Pingo Canadian Landmark

  • For more specific information about community consultation and environmental assessment in the western Arctic, please visit the General Information section of the RCPS website. Click on Heritage Area Specific Information and Conditions and select the appropriate park or the Pingo Canadian Landmark from the scroll down menu.

  • Each community in the ISR has a Community Conservation Plan that might be of interest to researchers in preparing their permit applications. These are now available electronically at under “downloads”.

  • A number of cooperative management bodies established through the IFA can provide research contacts and facilitate research in all areas of the ISR.

    1. Wildlife Management Advisory Councils for the Northwest Territories ( ) and Yukon North Slope ( ) can provide guidance and direction for matters related to wildlife management. The Councils also establish research and monitoring priorities and play a large role in the allocation of implementation funding.

    2. The Fisheries Joint Management Committee ( ) advises on the research and management of fisheries and marine mammal resources in the ISR.