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Commercial Film and Photography Application Guidelines for Aulavik, Ivvavik and Tuktut Nogait National Parks

The Parks Canada Western Arctic Field Unit

Step 3 - Juggling the Paper Work

The Application Process
  • An application, answering the 12 questions below, must be submitted to Parks Canada a minimum of 4 months prior to intended film/photography activities.
  • The application will be assessed against the following: potential impacts on ecological and cultural resources, consistency with and contribution to park objectives, themes and messages, required level of assistance, type of proposed activities and appropriateness to the national park settings and regulations, consistency with National Park Regulations, and level of disturbance to other park users and traditional users.
  • If the application is approved, a Film/Photography Permit will be issued which must be carried while conducting activities in the national park.
  • The permit becomes valid once signed by the producer and Parks Canada, fees are paid in full, and supplementary requirements and conditions are agreed to.
  • Parks Canada reserves the right to refuse any application that is not in the best interest of the Agency or revoke permission without notice if terms and conditions of the permit are violated.

The following information must be provided in any application to film/photograph in the National Parks.

  1. Applicant Information: production company name and address, project name, phone/fax, name of producer, designated representative on site
  2. Describe the scope of the production, intended audience and use of footage
  3. Describe how the production supports the national park mandate
  4. List specific parks, locations, dates and time requirements
  5. Define the size of crew on location including all cast, crew and drivers
  6. List other national parks in which this project will film
  7. Outline type of equipment, sets, props and extent of use
  8. Make available location maps, scale drawings and camera positions where appropriate
  9. Indicate whether on-site production facilities are required (i.e. catering)
  10. Provide a script or storyboard for large productions
  11. Provide a product description and the full name of the company selling the product
  12. Provide proof of comprehensive liability insurance policy indicating a minimum of $2,000,000, naming Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada as represented by Parks Canada Agency as additional insured, to be carried for the duration of the production in the park