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Commercial Film and Photography Application Guidelines for Aulavik, Ivvavik and Tuktut Nogait National Parks

The Parks Canada Western Arctic Field Unit

Step 1 - Setting the Stage

Is your film/photography activity appropriate in a National Park?
What works well... What won't work...
  • Simplicity: Small productions involving minimal equipment and crew size
  • Minimal impact on the environment, visitors and traditional users
  • Productions requiring minimal shooting time and assistance
  • Educational productions contributing to park objectives, messages and themes
  • Flexibility: Productions requiring unaltered images of the natural landscape
  • Using equipment, chemicals, or engaging in any activity that may damage the environment
  • Accessing remote or closed areas with any motorized vehicle
  • Landing of aircraft without a permit
  • Low-level flying
  • Constructing and employing large sets
  • Disrupting, harassing, or manipulating wildlife and/or using trained wildlife
  • Exclusive use of an area, limiting public and traditional access and enjoyment
  • Portraying activities that are illegal, damaging to Parks Canada’s image or conflict with Parks Canada's messages