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Guide to the Preparation of Commemorative Integrity Statements

2.6 Appendices

In an attempt to keep the CIS focused, information which is not essential to understanding commemorative integrity for a site should be in an appendix. For example, if those preparing a CIS feel that additional details about the site's history should be included to help the reader, a separate appendix can be added. There are several appendices, however, which are essential.

The CIS should have the following material appended to it:

  • All HSMBC minutes and plaque texts which are relevant to the designation, Designated Place and commemorative intent exclusive of the Secretary's Report , and Chair's Report .
  • Map of the national historic site showing Designated Place and geographic context (may be included in the body of the CIS).
  • List of CIS team members including their position and organization.

Other information may be included in the appendices, such as a list of resources and their level according to the CRM Policy.