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Recent museum approaches and the visitor experience in the context of Parks Canada National Historic Sites renewal in the province of Quebec: portrait of a museum sampling in North America, Europe and Australia

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  1. History, event history, Aboriginal communities, political personalities, women’s history, historic sites.
  2. Information on all the institutions is summed up in an Excel table under the Appendix tab –the list of museum solicited and those in the initial corpus (Full document - French version only).
  3. The study’s questionnaire (bilingual) is available as an appendix to the full document.
  4. For reasons of confidentiality, an order of magnitude (from bottom to top range) and an average of the data provided are presented as a rough guide.
  5. We note that data for two of the institutions are not available.
  6. For reasons of confidentiality of information, only an average and an order of magnitude have been provided.
  7. Catherine Ballé, Permanence et changement : un enjeu des musées contemporains, Musées, Les enjeux du développement durable, Société des musées québécois, vol. 27, 2008, pp. 10-15.
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  12. Theme exhibitions are generally of a set length (several months) and constitute temporary exhibitions.
  13. Raymond Montpetit, 1996.
  17. A presentation at the congress of the Société des musées québécois helped make this institution’s activities in implementing information technologies better known.
  18. See the full document for more detailed information.Response sheet from the Montreal Science Centre.