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[Natalie] tell us a little bit about what it’s like to spend a day on the Martin Bergman Research Vessel

[Ryan] pretty much as soon as you wake up you have a quick breakfast and then sit down in the sonar seats and watch the data scroll by.

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We try to get the towfish over the stern just as soon as we can in order to maximize the number of hours of survey we get to do every day, so each day is very much like the next except when the weather fails to cooperate in that case we might have to duck behind a small island or into a somewhat sheltered bay to catch our breath and catch up on field notes and logging all the data.

[Natalie] and how about life on the Laurier, how is that any different?

[Ryan] it is a bit different because there we have to integrate with the other science missions on board,

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[Group picture of the Laurier crew on the ship]

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as soon as you wake up you scramble up all the flights of stairs, up to the wheel house and you meet with the captain and the senior officers of the Laurier and that’s where the days plan is all choreographed so with boats going over the side and helicopters buzzing around delivering the ship’s crew crew to do their day to day tasks landing archaeologists on shore as well so that all has to be meticulously planned right at the start of the day

[Image of a smaller boat in the water]

[Image of the Laurier ship on water at night]

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and then pretty much after a quick breakfast the cranes put the boats in the water and then you scan for fourteen maybe sixteen hours a day so it’s fairly intense.

As soon as you are done your day you try to get back for a bite of dinner before the cook puts it all away, you download the data, recharge the batteries and then hit your rack so it’s one day flows right into the next almost without any rest whatsoever

[Natalie] Well it’s definitely not your typical nine to five, thanks Ryan.

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