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The 2014 Search for the Lost Franklin Expedition

Map showing the search areas for the lost Franklin ships
© Parks Canada

This summer, the Government of Canada and an unprecedented number of organizations from the public, private and non-profit sectors will partner together, using state-of-the-art technology, to locate the historic ships of the ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition.

This year’s multi-partner collaboration will advance goals in the following key areas:

  • Story of Canada: Canadians are northern people and our history is intrinsically tied to being part of a northern country. In order to tell that story for Canada’s 150th year, the Government is continuing its efforts to solve one of the most enduring mysteries of our past.

  • Safety and security: A vast and remote region with a harsh climate, Canada’s Arctic is both hazardous and fragile. Through seabed mapping and other research, this summer’s expedition will contribute to making Canada’s Arctic both safer and more secure.

  • Arctic research and technology: Canada continues to showcase its innovation and develop the tools, techniques and capacity needed to gather, interpret and apply knowledge about the Arctic.

  • Supporting Arctic communities: Supporting our Arctic communities requires broad collaboration. Many of this summer’s projects will celebrate northern history and culture, and contribute to the sustainability of northern communities.

See this year’s news release for more details.