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War of 1812 - Artefact of the Week

General Sir Gordon Drummond’s Presentation Sword

This incredibly detailed presentation sword belonged to General Sir Gordon Drummond. Drummond was responsible for the successful defence of Upper Canada from late 1813 until the end of the War of 1812.

Drummond fought against the most professional American army in the bloody campaign in the Niagara region in 1814. He commanded troops at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane (1814) and at the siege of Fort Erie (1814). A brave individual, he was wounded in the neck at Lundy’s Lane, and the family retain the musket ball that was removed from him at Queenston Heights. Drummond was the first Canadian born officer of general rank to serve in the British army.

Presentation swords are very decorative, and were most often presented as gifts for impressive achievements, and are worn on special occasions. This sword was presented by the Legislature of Upper Canada, and was most likely made and presented to him in Britain after the War ended. If you look closely, you can see that the hilt is inscribed with his name.

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General Sir Gordon Drummond’s Presentation Sword General Sir Gordon Drummond’s Presentation Sword
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