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Transcript for Canada's Ultimate Family Adventure

What’s the link between a fort, this huge rock, an old guy,

a tepee and a bison?

We see a fort, a huge rock, an old guy, a tepee and a bison

These are all things you can access your “My Parks Pass”...

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“My Parks Pass” from your teacher so that you can visit over

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We see a graphic of the My Parks Pass

Doesn’t matter if you’re into camping, skiing, paddling,

exploring or if you just want to discover more about Canada’s

past at your own pace... there’s something for everyone!

Various shots of Parks Canada's sites

So what about your family? Think they might feel left out?

Well we’ve got them covered – just flash your pass

and they’ll get a discount too!! So talk to your teachers,

bug your parents and get ready to explore all that Canada

has to offer! With more than 200 destinations across the

country, there’s an adventure closer than you think.

Graphic of a family happy to have the My Parks Pass

Check out for all the details... and enter

for your chance to win Canada’s Ultimate Family Adventure.

On-screen text: Know the past. Enjoy the present. Protect the future.

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