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Fathom Five National Marine Park


Scuba diver on a wreck
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The unique aquatic ecosystem of Fathom Five National Marine Park merges iconic Flowerpot formations and scenic limestone islands with underwater treasures both natural and cultural. Wander the shoreline of Flowerpot Island on a day-trip or camp overnight; venture beneath the crystal lake-water on a bucket-list scuba dive. Fantastic Fathom Five is yours to discover.

Featured Activities

A park staff member infront of a Flowerpot
Tour Flowerpot Island
Absorb the beauty and tranquility of Fathom Five National Marine Park on a glass-bottom boat tour to Flowerpot Island. Relax and enjoy the incredible rock formations that are among Canada's most recognized and popular natural attractions. Hike the island’s trails, explore the cave, or simply take in the flowers and wildlife.
A diver on a shipwreck
Plunge into the deep
On the spine of the Niagara Escarpment, Fathom Five National Marine Park is a region of stunning beauty above and beneath the water. Experience some of the world’s best freshwater diving. Novice snorkelers to advanced diving enthusiasts can explore fascinating underwater formations and more than 20 historical shipwrecks.
Kids in a tent
Camp in Flowerpot Island’s serene backcountry
Leave the city behind for Fathom Five’s Flowerpot Island—home to charming coastline hikes, dramatic dolomite formations, 19th century lake-faring history and serene backcountry campsites illuminated by the stars.

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