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Parks Canada’s Gift to the Earth

Looking Ahead: What’s Next

On behalf of Canadians, Parks Canada has been carrying out an important task, successfully and with great pride, for 100 years – the stewardship of some of the most treasured places on the planet, places well loved by Canadians, and inextricably bound to our identity.

Many individuals have played a key role over our past hundred years, and especially over the past decade, in protecting and presenting these national treasures. Together, we are building an outstanding network of marine and terrestrial protected areas. Our hope for the future is that our young people will pick up the torch and carry on this important work.

Parks Canada and its many partners demonstrate that working together to achieve common goals ensures that Canada’s nation-wide system of national parks and national marine conservation areas will continue to grow and enrich our lives and those of future generations.

As Canadians, we can be proud of this international recognition of our country’s leadership in conservation and we hope that it will inspire others to similar efforts.

 Looking Ahead: What’s Next
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