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Transcript for Hedley – Quietest Concert Ever

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Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

Colin : Hello! My name is Colin Sutherland, one of this year’s Parks Canada’s Youth Ambassadors, and and today we are in Banff National Park with two members of Hedley. We have Jacob and Dave.

Animated freeze frame with their names.

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

During our time here in Banff what was your favorite part? Jacob : Man! Even the travel between locations is midly breath-taking, we travel a lot all over the continent, kind of all over the world

Jacob Driving.

and the type of landscape that we experience here is quite exclusive to this part of the world.

Banff Mountains.

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

There’s nothing like it is what I’m trying to say. Colin: Dave, what makes you think Banff is very unique, what’s special about it? Dave : You smell that? Fresh air. It’s absolutely beautiful, #REF! There’s so much to do if you just want to come and do a bit of relaxing like we are here at the pools,

Hedley being filmed in pools.

Hedley being filmed at Cave and Basin.

if you want to get some cultural stuff you can go hit Cave and Basin if not there’s hikes, there’s mountain biking. We just say get out and enjoy the outdoors, not enough people are doing it these days. You get to that point where you are in your twenties and you’re like: “hey I’m just going to go to Mexico” or something like that

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

when really some of the most beautiful areas are right in your own backyard. Colin: So speaking of that, a lot of people categorize our generation as one that’s city oriented, all attached to our phones and to our computers. What are some of the ways that we can get young people to just come out and discover some places like Banff National Park? Jacob: First of all, I kind of don’t mind that a lot of people care about it because I care about it and it’s great when it’s just left alone and there’s not that many people out in the woods and you can have a good time. I’m kind of kidding. But second of all, it’s funny that you talk about how we are all city-oriented

zoom in on Banff town.

B-roll Banff townsite.

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

and in a lot of ways most people like you said are so separated from this idea of nature. and in a lot of ways most people like you said are so separated from this idea of nature. we are a product of our environment in so many ways. So that intrinsic connectedness is lost on a lot of people and I think a lot of people lose out on these extra benefits in life because of how much there is to gain from an experience like being out and sitting next to mountain.


Zoom in on mountain.

Banff Landscape.

Those are the moments in life where you can really begin to appreciate what our environment has to offer.

Big Mountain

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

Colin: Excellent. So with all this travelling I know that last week you folks were in Vancouver for We Day. Can you tell me what it was like to reach out to so many young people? Jacob: That’s always a great experience, to be able to impart not just social awareness but cultural awareness and the topic came up even so slightly at We Day about climate change. And the fact that they were so open about at least supporting the debate was important because that sense of awareness is as equally important as world hunger or a lack of education or clean water

River in Banff.


or all those other elements that are crucial to a healthy upbringing of a child.


Pan up on trees.

So the awareness that we can create around that sensibility of “hey we need to take care of where we’re from

sun shining through trees.

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

because there’s a generation coming that is going to deal with our leftovers” is just as important Colin: This weekend we are actually here in Banff National Park for the Quietest. Concert. Ever. which is a very unique experience. Tell us what that is going to be like. How is it different than other shows that you’ve done? Dave: Well we’re essentially going to put the audience of about a thousand people all in headphones and there’s no PA system so it’s really going to be one of the quietest concert ever.

Hedley Stage sign.

Quietest Concert Ever sign.

Hedley concert.

Hedley with Colin-Banff Mountains in background.

I heard of people doing this with DJs or flash mobs but this is the first time we have actually had a huge crowd like this with a live band. And on top of all that we are going to be playing our brand new record Wild Life in sequence from front to back so this is the first time all this new material gets played and what a place to do it. We are in beautiful Banff National Park. This is incredible! We get to do it quietly with a thousand lucky people so... very cool!

Hedley Concert.

#QuietestConcertEver and in partnership with The Banff Centre, Sennheiser, Universal Music Canada and Banff Lake Louise Tourism

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