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Update on wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access in our parks

Many things have been said about the possibility of providing Wi-Fi Internet access in our national parks and historic sites. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight:

Parks Canada is indeed considering the possibility of offering this service in some national parks and national historic sites. This idea, still in development, is in response to visitor demand.

Without compromising the experience of visitors wishing to disconnect from their everyday life, these hotspots located, for example, at serviced campground loops or visitor centres, could make it easier to plan a trip, share beautiful images taken at our sites or even do some work for those who wish or need to do so. As of this summer, we are thinking of offering 25 to 50 hotspots in 15 or 20 parks or historic sites. This service will be entirely included in your entry fees.

We also want to reassure you: neither the backcountry nor wilderness will be covered by these possible hotspots. Thus, this is not about installing infrastructures on a mountain top or along a remote trail. You will have to wait to be back from your hike to update your Facebook page or add a squirrel selfie.

In closing, tourism trends evolve quickly and Parks Canada must adapt in order to attract new visitors who will come discover our nation’s natural and historical treasures that we have been protecting for over 100 years. As always, we will continue to honor our commitment to be responsible and respectful in our approach.