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Young Canada Works

Becoming A Young Canada Works Student

Making the Most of This Experience

Visitor Interpretation Centre
Visitor Interpretation Centre
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YCW in National Parks and National Historic Sites, through the participating locations and Parks Canada staff, provides an opportunity to enrich your work experience. When students give their full participation, contribution and commitment to the program, it helps them gain the most from the experience.

If you answer yes to many of the following questions, YCW could be the right fit:

  • Motivated to take charge of personal learning and career development?
  • Wish to develop a "tool box" of skills and knowledge to improve future job prospects?
  • Want to explore career options in a hands-on setting?
  • Curious about the types of jobs at Parks Canada and /or are interested to work in related fields?
  • Open to working with and learning from a variety of people?

"This program (YCW) is what you make of it. If you are open to new ideas and challenges then it is for you."- 2004 YCW Student


Interested students must apply directly on-line to the Public Service Commission's Federal Students Work Experience Program (FSWEP).

When indicating your "mobility" please take into consideration that you will have to pay for your travel and accommodations. YCW locations may contact students as late as April. In the case of secondary students, this may not occur until May or early June. You will only be contacted if your name has been randomly referred from the FSWEP inventory to a YCW location.

YCW has an average of 300 positions available in locations throughout Canada. The FSWEP database can have as many as 90,000 applicants. Please be sure to also consider other summer job opportunities in the federal government, as indicated on the FSWEP application.

Recruitment and Selection Process

Candidates can be screened and selected based on;

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Previous work/volunteer experience
  • Personal suitability (e.g. judgment, reliability)
  • Field of study
  • Language ability (when applicable)

Often, successful candidates come from a variety of fields of study and language profiles. The job interview is a competitive process and candidates are assessed on many of the above requirements.

How Much Are Students Paid?

All YCW Students are paid a weekly wage, which is determined by the Parks Canada Agency Student Rates of Pay . At the time of an interview, verify the weekly pay that applies. Being a part of the YCW program means that you will be expected to attend all development activities.