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Jobs at Parks Canada

Selecting People for Jobs

In general, here's how the process works:

Job posting

At this stage, the Parks Canada manager works with Parks Canada Human Resources advisors to notify the public that a job is available. Depending on the type of job, it may be posted at the park or site, in the local or national newspaper, in association newsletters or on a job website with the Public Service Commission or Human Resources Development Canada Sites. This often takes the form of a competition poster that describes many aspects of the position:

  • Job Title and salary range
  • Selection process number (you will need to put this number on the application form.)
  • Eligibility (who can apply, including any geographic limitations)
  • Qualifications (education, skills, licences, language, certificates, experience, etc.)
  • Conditions of employment ( working conditions, security clearance, etc.)
  • Brief description of the work to be performed (you may want to review the Summary of Duties prior to submitting an application.)
  • Contact person for more information
  • Closing date and address for applications

Information on written tests and competency exams can be found at the Public Service Commission of Canada's Web site. If you earned a post-secondary degree outside of Canada, please contact one of the Credentials Evaluation Services organizations to inquire about obtaining a proof of Canadian equivalency.


The Human Resources advisor and/or the Parks Canada manager review applications submitted on or before the closing date. They assess all applications against the basic qualifications. Candidates meeting the screening criteria are notified and given further consideration for the job.


Applicants being interviewed are assessed using the same assessment tools. Based on these assessments, candidates are ranked starting with most competent to least competent. Candidates interviewed receive notification, most often by letter, informing them of the results.

Job offer

The top ranking candidates are offered the available positions in writing. Those who accept the job offer negotiate a work start date.