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Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat (AAS)

The Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat (AAS) was created in 1999 to provide national leadership and support within Parks Canada on matters relating to Aboriginal peoples and to facilitate the strengthening of relationships with Aboriginal Peoples.

The AAS is located in the Parks Canada offices in the National Capital Region and currently consists of six employees. The Director of the Secretariat is accountable directly to the CEO. The AAS also provides support and networking possibilities for the many PCA staff working on Aboriginal Affairs across Canada.

The broad objective of the AAS is to facilitate the participation of Aboriginal people in Canada's natural and cultural heritage places. Flowing from that objective, five main priorities have been identified:

  • Strengthening relationships with Aboriginal communities;
  • Increasing presentation and interpretation of Aboriginal heritage;
  • Encouraging economic partnerships and opportunities with Aboriginal peoples;
  • Enhancing Aboriginal employment opportunities; and,
  • Commemorating new national historic sites focusing on Aboriginal history.

Contact Information

Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat
30 Victoria Street (PC-05-D)
Gatineau, Quebec
J8X 0B3
Tel: (819) 420-5069