1. Pacific Rim 

On the bucket list of any serious hiker, the 75-kilometre West Coast Trail follows the one-time survival route of unlucky shipwreck victims through old-growth forests, past wide-open beaches and across suspension bridges spanning rivers and streams.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve 

2. British Columbia

Experience the towering old-growth hemlocks and cedars of B.C.’s legendary old-growth forests with easy strolls along boardwalk trails. Transition to subalpine spruce and fir as routes lead you to mountain meadows offering sweeping panoramas of the Selkirk wilderness.

Glacier National Park

3. Gulf Islands

Enhance a Gulf Islands National Park Reserve experience by following self-guided routes through the highlights of the islands’ natural landscapes, learning and gaining insights along the way by geocaching or using an Explora app. 

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

4. Glacier National Park

Conquering a technical mountain ascent, traversing icefields with 1,500-metre descents, freewheeling past glaciers, waterfalls and rock canyons: this is all part of the high country adventure experience.

Glacier National Park

5. Banff

Among the best ways to experience the park’s Rocky Mountain scenery is on the trail. Whether on foot or by bike, visitors have access to hundreds of kilometres of trails.

Banff National Park

6. Yoho

With more than 400 kilometres of trails, Yoho is a backpacker’s paradise. Set out from Takakkaw Falls or Emerald Lake for Yoho’s most scenic and popular destinations, or head west for unmaintained trails in the Amiskwi Valley or Ice River.

Yoho National Park

7. Kootenay

Join a knowledgeable guide as you hike through a forest naturally regenerating after wildfire en route to the recently discovered Stanley Glacier fossil site. Here, the remains of unique and sometimes bizarre sea creatures reveal the mysteries of early life on Earth.

Kootenay National Park

8. Jasper

Jasper’s newly completed Easy Trail System offers twenty kilometres of bike-friendly, multi-use trails easily accessed right from your hotel doorstep… or tent flap! Visit lakes, beaches, and take in gorgeous mountain and valley views along the way.

Jasper National Park

9. Mount Revelstoke

Bike, hike or drive to the peak of Mount Revelstoke and celebrate the summit experience. Arrive to panoramic vistas, stroll the historic trails, take in the local art or find inner calm with a yoga workshop.

Mount Revelstoke National Park