1841 Sir George Simpson, the governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, makes the first recorded visit to the springs. He bathes in a gravel pool just big enough for one person.

Late 1800s The first permanent settlers come to the area and the springs become more popular.

1890 Roland Stuart, an Englishman, purchases the springs for $160.

1914 Construction of a concrete bathing pool, log bathhouse, small store and a home for the caretaker.

1922 Stuart's property is expropriated and the springs are included in a new national park, called Kootenay National Park.

1927 Construction of a new bathhouse and expansion of the pool.

Radium Hot Springs – grand opening of aquacourt 1951 Radium Hot Springs – grand opening of aquacourt 1951
© Windermere Valley Historical Society / Hal Bavin, 1951

1949 Construction of the Aqua court begins. Completed in 1951, the new facility cost $958,653.

1968 A new hot pool replaces the original 1914 pool.

1997 Major renovations begin with new reception area, gift shop, upgraded change rooms, and hot/cold plunge pool.

2001 Radium Hot Springs celebrates the 50th anniversary of the building of the Aquacourt with special events all summer long!

2002 A new spa opens offering health oriented services to visitors