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Gros Morne National Park Gros Morne
Terra Nova National Park Terra Nova
Torngat Mountains National Park Torngat Mountains

National Historic Sites

Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site Cape Spear Lighthouse
Castle Hill National Historic Site Castle Hill
Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site Hawthorne Cottage
L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site L’Anse aux Meadows
Port au Choix National Historic Site Port au Choix
Red Bay National Historic Site Red Bay
Ryan Premises National Historic Site Ryan Premises
Signal Hill National Historic Site Signal Hill

100 things to do @ParksCanadaNL this summer!

  1. Walk on the ocean floor during low tide at the Terra Nova NP Newman Sound Day-use area

  2. Feel the spiny skin of a starfish at the Touch Tank in the Terra Nova NP Visitor Centre

  3. Dip your paddle in the cold Atlantic Ocean as you sea kayak in Terra Nova NP

  4. Discover a natural cure for all that ails you on a Medicinal Plant Walk in Terra Nova NP

  5. Dance a jig as we celebrate NL day at Terra Nova NP

  6. Roast a marshmallow over an open fire in Malady Head Campground, Terra Nova NP

  7. Catch a glimpse of a codfish in the Terra Nova NP Visitor Centre aquarium

  8. Try on a blubber glove in the Wetlab of the Visitor Centre at Terra Nova NP

  9. Reassemble a whale skeleton as a Juniour Naturalist in Terra Nova NP

  10. Smell the salty sea air aboard the MV Coastal Explorer in Terra Nova NP

  11. Stand in the clouds atop Blue Hill in Terra Nova NP

  12. Hear whispers from the past in the Minchin Cove Cemetary, Terra Nova NP

  13. Vote for your favourite "Park Idol" contestant at the Theatre in Terra Nova NP

  14. Sing under the stars at the Campfire Sing-a-long in Terra Nova NP

  15. Stand on the remnants of an ancient volcano at Ochre Hill, Terra Nova NP

  16. Cook Sunday dinner in the outdoor Kitchen shelter in Terra Nova NP

  17. Watch a bald eagle soar on the Coastal Hiking Trail, Terra Nova NP

  18. Glide through the lily pads and canoe in Sandy Pond, Terra Nova NP

  19. Celebrate being a kid at the Nature House Activity Centre, Terra Nova NP

  20. Be captain of your own ship at the Newman Sound Playground, Terra Nova NP

  21. Relive the history with "The Hill" theatre exhibit at the Signal Hill Visitor Centre

  22. Watch the sun rise from Ladies Lookout on Signal Hill NHS

  23. Feel the cold air of icebergs atop Signal Hill NHS

  24. Set your watch to the noon-day gun at Signal Hill NHS

  25. Visit the most easterly point in North America at Cape Spear Lighthouse

  26. Explore the WWII bunkers at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  27. Watch whales play in the waves at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  28. Hike the scenic East Coast Trail through Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  29. Take in the 19th Century Tattoo Performance at Signal Hill NHS

  30. Hike to the Lower Battery of St. John's from Signal Hill NHS

  31. Stand atop Signal Hill and let your soul be stirred by the crack of muskets

  32. Experience the Weapons of Warfare Tour at Signal Hill NHS

  33. Visit the Queen's Battery Barracks at Signal Hill NHS

  34. Take a bilingual audio tour of the history of Castle Hill NHS

  35. Learn how to split and dry codfish at the Ryan Premises NHS

  36. Try to spot a Newfoundland Marten in Terra Nova NP

  37. Connect with Newfoundland's rich fishing history at the Ryan Premises NHS

  38. Look down upon an massive cruise ship as it passes Signal Hill NHS

  39. Get back to nature at a primitive backcountry campsite in Terra Nova NP

  40. Look for a threatened Olive-sided Fly Catcher at Big Brook, Terra Nova NP

  41. Try your luck fishing the inland waters of Terra Nova NP (Don't forget a permit)

  42. Sculpt a sand castle at the Sandy Pond Beach in Terra Nova NP

  43. Celebrate Canada Day with friends and family in Terra Nova NP

  44. Enjoy the Canada Day Sunrise Ceremony atop Signal Hill NHS

  45. Learn about how Terra Nova NP is working to restore Forest Health in the park

  46. Take in the best view of St. John's from Signal Hill NHS

  47. Visit the oldest surviving lighthouse in NL at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  48. Learn to play the spoons at the Cape Spear Lighthouse Sing-a-long

  49. Get a glimpse into the life of a lightkeeper at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  50. Learn to mend a fishing net at the Ryan Premises NHS

  51. Smell the roses in the merchant's gardens at the Ryan Premises NHS

  52. Learn about rich French history at Castle Hill NHS

  53. Take in the magnificent view of the town of Placentia from Castle Hill NHS

  54. Get away from the city lights and stargaze at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  55. Take part in the Cape to Cabot Run from Cape Spear to Cabot Tower on Signal Hill

  56. Reminisce on life as a fisherman in Fisherman’s Corner at the Ryan Premises NHS

  57. Explore the ancient French capital of Plaisance at Castle Hill NHS

  58. Take part in a Heritage Walking Tour through Placentia’s past as you visit Castle Hill NHS

  59. Lie in the grass on Signal Hill NHS and watch the clouds rush by

  60. Take the family for a picnic lunch on Signal Hill NHS

  61. Read a book on a bench overlooking the ocean at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  62. Climb the more than 1200 stairs on the North Head Trail, Signal Hill NHS

  63. Have your picture taken with an 18th Century Soldier at Signal Hill NHS

  64. Explore an 1836 Lighthouse inside and out at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  65. Experience Shakespeare by the Sea at Signal Hill NHS in July and August

  66. Listen to HAM radio operators from all over the world at Signal Hill NHS

  67. Feel like you are on top of the world on the viewing deck of Cabot Tower, Signal Hill NHS

  68. Cuckolds Cove, Signal Hill NHS, look in the water for the transatlantic cable that landed there

  69. Watch for Ospreys and Bald Eagles circling Signal Hill NHS on the thermals

  70. Look for the remains of the Second World War anti-aircraft gun pits south of Cabot Tower

  71. Burma Road, Signal Hill NHS look for the remains of the WWII U.S. army housing

  72. Watch the sunshine sparkle on the waves at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  73. Birders at Cape Spear NHS can look for the rare Leach’s Storm Petrel after a storm

  74. At Cape Spear NHS start your hike to Maddox Cove on the East Coast Trail

  75. At Cape Spear NHS start your hike to Blackhead on the East Coast Trail

  76. Keep an eye out for Pitcher Plants and Blue Flag Irises at Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS

  77. Watch the commissionaires raise the Canadian Flag at Signal Hill NHS

  78. Get the best seat for the Canada Day fireworks from Signal Hill NHS

  79. Take your dog for a walk at Cape Spear Lighthouse or Signal Hill NHS

  80. Explore the geology of Signal Hill at the Visitor Centre and the Johnson Geocentre

  81. Have a Military Animaton Specialist teach you how to fire a musket at Signal Hill NHS

  82. Explore Signal Hill NHS with the help of the EXPLORA GPS activated tour

  83. Explore Cape Spear Lighthouse NHS with the help of the EXPLORA GPS activated tour

  84. The Old West and Victorian Army had something in common. Check out a revolver demo at Signal Hill

  85. Say goodbye to a cruise ship with a rifle salute from the Queen's Battery at Signal Hill NHS

  86. Wish Queen Victoria Happy Birthday 21-times with an artillery salute on Victoria Day at Signal Hill

  87. While visiting Castle Hill NHS, take a trip down to the Bread Oven in Placentia for a treat

  88. Dive to the bottom of Michin's Cove Pond, Terra Nova NP - If you can find it.

  89. Stroll along the Sandy Shore of Big Brook in Terra Nova NP

  90. Catch Cunners off the wharf in Newman Sound, Terra Nova NP

  91. Kayak into a coastal cave in Terra Nova NP

  92. Watch Caribou from your canoe at Beachy Pond, Terra Nova NP

  93. Watch the sun rise from the ocean from top of Blue Hill in Terra Nova NP

  94. Watch and Listen to the Canada Geese in Newman Sound Estuary, Terra Nova NP

  95. From atop Signal Hill take in a panoramic view of North America's oldest city, St. John's

  96. Hike up Gibbit Hill at Signal Hill NHS. Not only a great view but surprising history

  97. History buff? Discover Signal Hill's unique military & communication history at our Visitor Centre

  98. Stand knee-deep in a school of caplin in Newman Sound, Terra Nova NP

  99. Explore the grounds at Cape Spear - feel the cool ocean breeze blow through your hair

  100. Learn to read the signal flags on Cabot Tower, Signal Hill NHS