La Mauricie National Park offers whole range of beautiful places to relax. Take advantage of free entry to the park in 2017 and discover its hidden treasures off the beaten track. Learn how to avoid the crowd by visiting our page: Best time to visit.

A family is reading an interpretation panel while a couple is walking.
Learning while having fun is what La Tourbière has to offer!

Esker Picnic Area

A family picnic, a short walk along La Tourbière Trail or an afternoon to get a last taste of the summer sun, are just some ideas for a trip to the Esker. This location is not so well known by tourists and offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable day.

View of Gabet Lake taken from the bank.
The perfect view for a short break.

Lac Gabet Trail

This one-of-a-kind trail features various information panels throughout. What better than arriving at magnificent Gabet Lake where you can take a rest on the rocky banks and enjoy a well-deserved snack?

A familiy is hiking along La Cache Trail.
La Cache Trail is a must for the whole family. 

La Cache Trail

Are you looking to vary your family hikes and try something new? La Cache Trail is accessible from Lac du Fou, offering a different perspective of the park for adventurers of all ages. There’s even a surprise waiting for you at the end!



Two young adults are enjoying the waters of Parker Falls. A paradise to discover during fall. 

Parker Fall

During fall, warm days still await you in La Mauricie National Park. Cool down at Parker Fall while taking in the spectacular scenery and enjoying the privacy of this secluded spot, accessible by the Saint-Gerard entrance. Don’t miss this hidden gem!

Hikers are observing the view overlooking Rosoy Lake How can you resist such a view?

Mekinac Trail

Experience the rush of conquering something great on the Mekinac Trail. This intermediate walking trail is a perfect way to stretch your legs, and you won’t want to miss the amazing view from the summit!