Two children standing in front of a breathtaking view from Le Passage Lookout.
A breathtaking view from Le Passage Lookout.

This road zigzags through the southern section of the park. To pique your curiosity, there are many treasures hidden along the road just waiting to be discovered. This means that a drive through the park will involve many stops.

Take time to observe the landscape from the lookouts along the Parkway. Have a rest at one of the picnic areas available for your comfort and relaxation. Take to the trails and explore the park at your own pace!

You will find a dozen interpretation exhibits. These illustrated panels are set up at the wayside rest areas, in the picnic areas and along certain trails. These will help you to better understand the habitats, introduce you to the particularities of the local flora and fauna, and tell you something about the men and women who have passed through this territory. The most important exhibits are found at the Lac Édouard and Shewenegan picnic areas, at Le Passage Lookout and La Tourbière Trail.

If you wish to stretch your legs and get used to the forest, you could stroll down the interpretation trails that run near Gabet Lake, Étienne Lake and Lac du Fou. Interpretation panels, models, telescopes and posters will complete your walks. These trails are excellent for observing local wildlife.

To learn all the attractions and points of interest along the Parkway, you should obtain the park guidebook "Discovering La Mauricie National Park of Canada" (Website in French only).