Plan your trip to the Grotto shoreline cave

This site is often full in July and August and access is not always possible. See below for more information

The Grotto, near Tobermory, is one of the top tourism attractions in Ontario. A shoreline cave with beautiful blue waters, the Grotto is a unique natural wonder and memorable place to experience. It is also a very popular and busy location, especially during the peak season of July and August and on long weekends. At those times, the parking lot will fill up and you may not be able to access the Grotto. Good trip planning and being prepared for the time slot parking is required to have the best visit possible.

Current Grotto parking conditions

When to visit

The busiest time to visit Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park is during the summer – July, August and on holiday weekends. At those times, you can expect traffic, long wait times and full parking lots. During these times, you may not be able to visit the Grotto.  

Consider visiting at other times of year when the park is less busy. 

Follow #GrottoParking to learn when the all permits have been distributed for the day. 

This chart shows the popularity of the site and when the Grotto P1 parking lot was full.

With some trip planning it's our hope that you are able to access the sites you want to visit and if not, take the opportunity to experience the other attractions this region has to offer.

Current Grotto parking conditions