High water levels at Thousand Islands National Park 

Updates: openings and closures

Some park services continue to be affected by the rain and flooding that have impacted Ontario and Québec in 2017.

Public safety is a priority for Parks Canada. Although Thousand Islands National Park is opening as many areas as possible, access to some facilities must remained closed to visitors. Parks Canada is responding as required to changing conditions and re-opening areas as soon as it becomes safe to do so. We ask all visitors to plan ahead and be prepared.   

High water can be dangerous and we encourage all members of the public to be careful and vigilant around the edge of the river, where there may be hidden hazards and strong currents, and to take extra care looking out for possible debris in the water and changing river conditions. The use of closed docks is prohibited as it is unsafe and can cause further damage to the dock and to vessels. 

Travellers should review the list of services and facilities available here prior to travel. Parks Canada is reviewing and updating information regularly. Visitors can also follow current park conditions on Facebook, or on Twitter @TInationalpark

For more information, please contact Thousand Islands National Park at 613-923-5261, or by email at ont-ti@pc.gc.ca

Thousand Islands National Park facility status

Updated September 15, 2017, 12:00 p.m.


Jones Creek Trails
Open: Parking lot, Wolf Trail, Hawk Loop, Bear Loop, Heron Loop, Turtle Loop, Eel Loop, composting toilet, Mud Creek boardwalk
Closed: Snipe Loop, Deer Trail, Beaver Loop [permanent closure]

Landon Bay
Open: Trails (most).  Facility under lease to third party operator.
Closed: Bay Trail

Mallorytown Landing
Open: Visitor centre, playground, parking lot, picnic area, dockside picnic shelter, historic picnic shelter, red chairs, composting toilet, oTENTiks (3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E), boat launch, all three floating docks, Smokey Fire Trail, Six Nations Trail, paddle landing site, garbage and recycling

Note:  Some walking paths and trails have been temporarily re-routed to avoid flooded areas. Trails and picnic areas are unseasonably wet and muddy.

Closed: None


Note:  New yellow and blue lines will be in place on some docks during high water conditions.  Yellow lines are for the use of national park and emergency vessels only and may not be used by other boaters at any time.  Blue lines on docks are for camping and oTENTik permit holders only. Docking fees are NOT included in camping and oTENTik fees and must be purchased on arrival at the island. (Exception: docking is included with oTENTik permit only on McDonald Island). 

Entry and travel onto closed islands in Thousand Islands National Park is prohibited, with the exception of staff working to preserve the island and its facilities.  The closures are by order of the Superintendent of Thousand Islands National Park, pursuant to section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations. The island closures are for the safety and protection of the public due to higher than normal water levels in the area.

Adelaide Island
Open: Mooring buoys, service dock, composting toilet, trail, picnic shelter. 
Closed: Crib dock

Aubrey Island
Open: East floating dock (#75), bay floating dock (#15), trails, campsites, picnic shelters, composting toilets, paddle landing site, firewood
Closed: Bay crib dock, north floating dock, west crib dock

Beau Rivage Island
Open: West L-shaped floating dock (#29), north bay floating docks, east floating dock (camping dock), south centre floating dock (#10), north floating dock (#78), northwest floating dock, northeast floating docks, trails, campsites, picnic shelters, composting toilets, firewood, garbage and recycling, red chairs, paddle landing site.
Closed: West service dock.

Camelot Island
Open: South floating dock (#15, blue line and yellow line only), trails, campsites, paddle landing site, composting toilets, firewood (location changed), picnic shelter, red chairs, mooring buoys, dinghy ramps. 
Closed: Crib dock, north floating dock (#1).

Cedar Island
Open: West dock (#2), trails, campsites, picnic shelter, firewood, composting toilet, fire pit
Closed: East floating docks (#1)

Constance Island
Open: North dock, southwest dock (#1), southeast dock, picnic shelter, composting toilet, paddle landing site, trails.
Closed: Southeast dock (crib).

Endymion Island
Open: Mooring buoys, main floating dock, composting toilet, emergency dock (#1), dinghy ramp.
Closed: Crib dock (#59).

Georgina Island
Open: Northwest floating dock, southeast floating dock (T-dock), northeast floating dock (#260), composting toilet, firewood, campsites, picnic shelters, fire pits, paddle landing site, trails.
Closed:  Northwest crib dock (#200), beaver dam (southwest) floating dock, beaver dam (southwest) crib dock (#50).

Grenadier Island (Central)
Open: Floating dock (#64), garbage & recycling, trails (very wet), campsites, washrooms, fire pits, firewood, picnic shelters, ice sales 

Note:  Conditions in many areas are unseasonably wet (e.g., trails, picnic areas, campsites).  Campsites are open, but are very wet and may not be suitable for all tents.

Closed: West crib dock

Grenadier Island (East)
Open: Floating dock (#90), campsites, composting toilet, paddle landing site, firewood, firepit
Closed: Crib dock

Grenadier Island (North) - CLOSED
Open: None
Closed: Crib dock (#55), firewood, campsites, trail, composting toilet

Grenadier Island (West)
Open: South dock (#2), picnic shelter, trails, composting toilet
Closed: North crib dock

Gordon Island
Open: Central L-shaped dock (#29), north floating docks (#1), oTENTiks, campsites, composting toilets, trails, southwest picnic shelter, firewood, fire pits, red chairs, paddle landing site, historic picnic shelter
Closed: South camping dock (#61).

Hill Island (Batterman’s Point) – CLOSED 
Open: None
Closed: All facilities (crib dock (#10), trails, firewood, garbage and recycling, picnic shelters, fire pit, red chairs, composting toilet) 

Main Duck Island
Open: Dock, composting toilet, trail (partial) 
Closed: Trails (partial)

McDonald Island
Open: East dock, camping dock, central floating dock, trails, campsites, oTENTiks, paddle landing site, fire pit, firewood, composting toilets, garbage and recycling
Closed: Crib dock (#47).

Mermaid Island
Open: Floating dock, trail, composting toilet.   
Closed: None

Milton Island
Open: Crib dock, 2 south finger docks, campsite (#3), trail (partial), picnic shelter, composting toilet, fire pit, firewood.
Closed: North finger docks, trails (partial), campsites (#1, #2), 1 south finger dock.

Open: South dock (#16), firewood, trails, campsites, composting toilet, paddle landing site, fire pit
Closed: East dock (#1)  

Stovin Island
Open: Bay crib dock, picnic shelters, paddle landing site, composting toilet, trails
Closed: South crib dock (#425)

Thwartway Island
Open: Mooring buoys, dinghy ramp (#45), trail, composting toilet.
Closed: None.