Spread across 22,000 square kilometres (13,665 square miles) of Baffin Island’s northeastern coast, Sirmilik is divided into three sections - Bylot Island, Oliver Sound and Borden Peninsula. It is renowned for its rich array of wildlife, from lemmings and polar bears to whales and more than 70 bird species.

One of Nunavut’s most accessible parks, Sirmilik is near Pond Inlet, where all visitors must register, attend orientation and report for post-trip de-briefing. A friendly, mostly Inuit community, Pond Inlet has outfitters offering pre-arranged park shuttles by boat in summer and snowmobiles in winter for hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing and mountaineering adventures.

Prime visiting time is May to September though sea ice break-up makes the park inaccessible in July. Day trips are possible through spring and summer, and while experienced individual travellers are welcome, most visitors arrive for guided multi-day or week trips.