In Auyuittuq National Park, polar bears are most active in and along the coast of Davis Strait. Be particularly cautious in March/April when females with cubs are emerging from their dens, and August to November when the sea ice is gone and bears are forced ashore. At North Pangnirtung Fiord, do not camp or linger on the coast, but travel 3-4 hours inland if at all possible.

Polar bears may be encountered at other times of the year and in other areas of the park, even on glaciers. Report polar bear encounters, sightings, tracks and signs to Parks Canada staff as soon as possible. Use a radio or satellite phone if possible.

If you are nervous about bears, or uncertain of your ability to deal with them, consider hiring a guide from one of the communities. Guides are knowledgeable and experienced at travelling in bear country. When hiring a guide, ask about their experience, how they will avoid encountering polar bears, and their plan of action should you encounter a bear.

If you choose to travel in polar bear country, take the necessary precautions. The more people in your group, the greater the chances of deterring a bear. Read the following pamphlet carefully: