Summers in the Wood Buffalo region are very short, but with long days. Temperatures generally range between 10°C and 30°C. Although most summers are quite warm and dry, there are occasional years when the summer weather pattern shifts to cool and wet. Extremes in seasonal temperatures can be experienced at any time of the year.

Fall foliage
Fall foliage

Autumn tends to be cool, windy and dry. Early autumn (early to mid-September) is an ideal time to visit the park as the insects are fewer and the trees are brilliant with colourful foliage. Intermittent snowfalls can be expected starting in October. Fall freeze-up usually starts around the end of October or early November.

Winters tend to be moderate through December. January and February are generally the coldest months, with temperatures dipping down to -40°C. Temperatures gradually warm in March and April as the days get longer. Spring break-up usually starts around the end of April or early May.

Average Annual Precipitation 214 mm rainfall, 149 cm snowfall
July Mean High 22.5 °C
July Mean Low 9.5 °C
January Mean High -21.7 °C
January Mean Low -31.8 °C

Weather forecasts for Fort Chipewyan

Weather forecasts for Fort Smith