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Tending not to travel very often, you prefer the comforts of home to the uncertainties of new places or cultures. Often very active locally, you usually find enough to satisfy your sense of exploration within your community. Rather than being restricted to the confines of pre-packaged tours, you prefer the flexibility of being able to decide what you want or don’t want to do on your own. Your trips tend to be shorter, close to home and centered on family events.

Virtual Traveller

Yearling Bison

Wood Buffalo National Park is a wondrous place where nature and well-being connect. This cozy corner of the boreal forest and spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with spots still in their natural state, each more amazing than the last and defying simple description.

During your trip, you’ll find the level of comfort you’re accustomed to. Take the time to get to know the landscape around you. Geological and ecological features abound in the natural spaces of this enchanting place. Rest and observation areas let you discover the beauty of the park at your own pace.

Why not relax and enjoy life by stopping at the Salt Plains overlook to enjoy a meal outdoor. Use the opportunity to take a few photos and learn about the site. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can discover.

You’ll feel right at home with the services offer to you at the Visitor Centre. The dedicated staff are there to answer all you questions and available to lead you through the exhibit highlighting the characteristic features of the site. Take advantage of the modern theatre to see the wonders for yourself on film. It’s simple: just take your time.

For the Virtual Traveller

we suggest…

Visitor Centre - Travel through history by visiting the exhibit at the Visitor Centre. While comfortably seated, watch interesting films showing the essential features of Wood Buffalo National Park. Search the website at your leisure to find answers to your questions. The guide-interpreters at the Visitor Centre are there to answer them, and if you want, they’ll even tell you a little about the history of the region.

Gentle exercise- Take advantage of your time in town to visit the recreation centre. A pool, yoga classes, tennis courts and a gym are available. If you would prefer to be outdoors, take a walk or bike ride on the many unpaved trails in the forest.

Did someone say “picnic”? – Make the most of a beautiful sunny day and take a dip at Pine Lake. The colours of the water are mesmerizing. Hike Lakeside trails to Kettle Point Group Camp. Enjoy the view, it’s worth the trip. Find a spot and enjoy your meal before setting off again.

Bison - Take a drive or walk to the Northern Life Museum to observe wood bison from an arm length. These great beasts freely roam in Wood Buffalo National Park. Keep your camera handy.

Nearby - Visit the town and get a taste of its community spirit. Chat with the locals and don’t forget to visit the candy or book store for some treats or head to the library to access internet or print some of your new discoveries.