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For you, travel is a chance to totally disconnect and just “get away from it all.” All you want to do is rest, recharge and renew. You usually take short vacations to familiar destinations, often for family visits and celebrations. While you might seek out destinations with a few interesting things to see and do, you don’t want overly-hectic schedules of events. After all, travel is meant to be relaxing, not extra work!


Mud bath at Mountain Portage

Close your eyes and let your mind focus on the sounds around you: the singing of the birds, the wind in the trees, and the murmur of distant rapids. You already feel more relaxed than when you arrived. Lighter. This is just the beginning. Wood Buffalo National Park will help you find balance and serenity.

This unique, UNESCO World Heritage Site provides relaxing, fresh air experiences in different environments, each one calming and inspiring in its own way. Choose to meditate on the sandy shores of a crystal-clear lake with aquamarine waters, or enjoy a therapeutic salt treatment with regenerative effects for the skin on your feet. Just let go—you deserve it!

In the course of your stay, visit with the dedicated staff and townspeople, or take a walk along the Slave River where the pelicans play. Feel the power of the river as you bask in the sun.

During your visit, don’t be surprised if you come upon a Wood Bison or, with luck, a whooping crane. Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada`s largest protected wilderness, will make your burdens fade away.

For the Rejuvenator

we suggest…


A breath of fresh air – Use your trip to reconnect with your true self. Take the time to recharge while you gaze on the unbelievable beauty of Wood Buffalo National Park. Breathe in the fresh air emanating from the boreal forest around Rainbow Lake backcountry campsite. Feel the calming effect of nature’s myriad of sounds. Breathe, discover, and be at peace.

Mud bath – On the banks of the Slave River, at Mountain Portage, a mud bath awaits you. Walk along the river and look for a spot where the mud is just right for bathing. Refresh yourself in the river. Lie down, close your eyes and feel yourself commune with nature. A purely peaceful oasis.

Aboriginal knowledge – Pamper yourself with a therapeutic treatment. Put your bare feet into the Salt Plains mudflat. Enjoy the caress of the salt under your feet and on your skin. Whether as an indulgence or traditional medicine, salt has many healing properties. Your guide-interpreter can tell you all about the medicinal benefits of salt. Traditional medicine, healing mineral, or small luxury—salt can be many things.

Midnight sun – Take advantage of the long days to walk along Lakeside trail near Pine Lake campground. Contemplate the sun until late in the evening, and recharge under its comforting rays before going to sleep. A well-deserved rest.

Gentle attention – Would you prefer to stay inside? Visit Joan’s Health and Fitness Club. Healthy lunches, therapeutic baths, massages, yoga and relaxation sessions are available. A little spoiling does wonders!