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You travel to gain a deeper understanding of your ancestry and heritage. Your travel tends to be a shared experience, both during and after the trip. You feel safer when you stay at branded hotels and prefer to travel in style, comfort and security. You like to visit all of the important landmarks, so a carefully planned schedule, often as a part of group tours, ensures experiences of a lifetime.

Personal History Explorer 

Sweetgrass Station - 1973 & 2008

Don’t move. Look beyond the meadows that extend far in front of you to the shimmering waters of Lake Claire. Let your instincts guide your spirit. Savour the view of the remnant buildings still firmly anchored in the ground of what was once a centre for vaccinating bison against anthrax and tuberculosis. Close your eyes and imagine it. What do you see? Picture how the people and the place would have looked in the 1930s to 1960s.

You’re interested in new discoveries about your ancestry, heritage and genealogy, search through history and find answers to questions on those who lived and travel through Wood Buffalo National Park, this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Participate with your family or in group in one of the guided tours offer at the Visitor Centre. A tour of the exhibit featuring the major points of interest, a hike on the Salt Plains or one of many trails criss-crossing the park, or a visit to Pine Lake are only a few of our tour offerings. Ask a guide-interpreter for more information.

Take the time to chat with the townspeople and learn more about the culture, heritage, ancestry and lineages through the years. You’re sure to hear more than one tale. Lend them your ears!

For the Personal History Explorer

we suggest…

Sweetgrass Station – Walk around the place where bison were round-up for vaccination and the meat was distributed. In the middle of vast meadows, this spot is impressively beautiful and rich with deep rooted history. Sweetgrass Station is a favourite place of adventurers searching for information on human and animal lineages.

Aboriginal perspective – Meet the man of a thousand stories, who with his gentle voice will keep you riveted. Take the time to talk with former chief François Paulette from Smith’s Landing First Nation. Knowledgeable passionate to the core, Mr Paulette can answer all your questions. He is well known to invite visitors to his purifying sweat lodge.

The salt trade – The whole family will enjoy a visit to the Salt Plains. Admire the dazzling beauty of the spot. Take the trail that leads you to the salt mounds and mudflats and feel the tranquility there. Did you know that the Hudson’s Bay, the North West companies, the Catholic Mission and Aboriginal people harvested salt from the Salt Plains for use and trade? At the time, up to four tons of salt was harvested in a year.

Northern Life Museum - This place introduces you to the rich culture of residents of the past and present. Explore this fascinating world of family roots. You can also see the original copy of the Treaty 8 signed at Smith’s Landing on July 17, 1899 between the Caribou Chipewyan and the Crown.